The winner for the 8th edition of the Glocal Teen Hero has been announced but the thing that remains constant is the enthusiasm to celebrate the Young Teenagers doing Impactful work. This Year, the Wai Wai Glocal Teen Hero Nepal 2022 is Mr. Rahul Ranjan Sah. 

An 18-year-old teenager from Dhanusha who is devoted to the field of overall Astronomy development from projects in space to teaching students in Nepal building 1st generation of Astronauts. 

He is a hardworking and comprehensive person who holds the mindset to grow as a whole. Belonging to Science Stream, he is looking forward to expanding his horizon with his every movement. He is passionate and attentive to his words and slightly holds the idea to network within his reach. 

His work,

He is associated with multiple organizations such as the Nepal Astronomical Society as a Young Lead Supervisor, Provincial (Madhesh Pradesh) Coordinator, & Outreach Expert.  International Astronomy and Astrophysics Competition, Germany as National Ambassador. 

Also, he works as the Founder and Supervisor at the Student for the Exploration and Development of SXC. Primary Linguistic Data Analyst, Researcher at Incubate Nepal, USA. Primary Translator, Literature Researcher at Student Research Council In Nepal. Mentor, Coordinator, Tutor at Partnership in Education. 

He is also involved in Socio-Scientific Ventures Projects like,

As of his ongoing project, they carry a vision of integrating Astronomy with other fields of STEM and further spanning the economic prowess of the nation. One of his recent, accomplished projects integrated Space science and material science where he launched 1st Nepalese project among 75 countries with 120 experiments. This has opened a pathway for future Nepalese researchers to access state-of-the-art facilities present in the world for research purposes in further years. Similarly, at “Aarohan” the team has been working to develop 1st of the type CANSatellites in Nepal, advancing in the field of space science by making Nepal independent to run surveys regarding telecommunications and meteorological data.

His Achievements, 

  • He is the 1st and only Nepalese delegate in 5 years of representation to win the Bronze Medal at the 24th International Astronomy Olympiad, Romania & Russia.
  • He is also the 1st and only Nepalese delegate in 8 years of representation to secure Honourable Mention in both Individual and Team Competition at Global e-Competition on Astronomy and Astrophysics, Estonia.
  •  (1st) Local People’s Choice Winner at 10th NASA Space Apps Challenge 2021, the US among 2814 projects
  • Token of Appreciation for best Olympiad Performer among all fields
  •  Absolute Winner (1st) at 6th National Astronomy Olympiad.

Currently, he has been working as an Astro-preneur in a project venture “Arohan.” Initiated to commercialize and develop Nepal’s 1st private space mission on Can Satellite projects with my founding Student for the Exploration and Development of Space (SEDS) chapter organization at SEDS-Nepal building facilities for future scientists to work from Nepalese soil.

Adding up, his experience also involves fundraising, navigating, presenting, and many more. Also, he has dedicated himself to developing resources for students all over Nepal compiling handouts and books for government schools in Maithili, Newari, and Nepali languages with the Nepal Astronomical Society.

His Insightful Vision,

He would like to describe the vision in a sentence as “It’s to build an ecosystem of Astronomy in Nepal.  Integrating diverse fields from culture to economy for sustainable rational. And, efficient growth of Nepal on nation’s merits, strengths while also focusing on urgency aspect as well.”

Besides his remarkable achievements, his confidence, time management, and presenting skills was the key component to mark him as the Winner for the batch 2022. 

Huge Congratulations to him. For more, Blog


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