Glocal Teen Hero 2015

Winner of Glocal Teen Hero 2015 - Ms. Bipana Sharma


Bipana Sharma is a Child Right Activist. She is the leading group of teenagers and working for a child-friendly local governance.

She started her participation in Ekta Child Club at the age of 11 years old. She was selected as chair of VDC level child club network and later on as chair of Sunwol municipality child club network.

She aims to advocate for child rights promotion and protection throughout Nepal and wish to see Nepal as child-friendly country.

She is the recipient of Asian girl human Rights Award in Taiwan.

Six Fantastic Finalists

aditya khadka

Aditya Khadka

avneesh yadav

Avaneesh Yadav


Bipna Sharma


Ravi Mandal

samprada chapagain

Samprada Chapagain


Swastik Ghimire

Fantastic Jury

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Event Highlights

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