Yenuli Binara

She is an expressive and determined girl who loves to sing, do public speaking, and lyrics writing, creation of melodies,   and artwork, act, announce, organize, and leadership skills. 

Currently, she is the founder of the Green Heart Foundation, a nonprofit foundation aimed to help encourage youth to create eco-friendly youth innovation and prepare youth and children to create a sustainable and developed peaceful world for the future generation. 

She is in the process of finishing a song that aims to spread the message of spreading peace in the world with music created by an award-winning musician. She is also involved with a project to donate computers, to the library of another rural school in Sri Lanka. And also, sessions to prevent the use of plastic and polythene. 



She was selected as a youth ambassador from the “HundrED organization” as the world’s youngest youth ambassador. And then later promoted as an emerging leader for my hard work in helping to achieve “HundrED’s” goal.

Her social work has helped and will continue to help spread good messages and change the attitudes in people through songs and works to the world, to help motivate people and give the best version of themselves. Through her foundation, she has done incredible work and prepared the youth and children to not only be educated but also to be all-rounded citizens with good human qualities that work together for the betterment of the world. 

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