Smarika Neupane is one of the Speakers for the “Socio-Perspective Panel” at Glocal International Teen Conference, 2021.

Smarika is a 16-year-old passionate girl from Nepal. She enjoys public speaking, dancing, and cooking the most. She creates multiple videos on current subjects and engages with her audience on several social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and others. Her documentaries and videos are educational, inspiring, and entertaining to watch.

She is a girl who is interested in bringing about positive change in society in any way she can. Smarika has extensive experience in a variety of fields, including serving as President of the Srijanshil Children’s Club and as a Campus Ambassador. Smarika believes in the self-determination principle in order to grow stronger and more confident. She believes in sending a clear message to all individuals that they do not need to be afraid of representing their ideas and opinions in a responsible manner, and that it is necessary to be empowered in areas such as economic, spiritual, social, educational, and occupational empowerment.

Smarika commenced her journey as a motivational speaker after realizing she had the ability to influence others through her voice. She has participated in a number of speech and debate competitions and realized that she can use her voice to speak for those who do not have one. Furthermore, she has always had the desire and will to connect with a larger audience through her voice.  As a result, she has started making videos on current topics in order to connect with the audience and make it easier for them to understand those complex topics in a simpler way.

Today through her work, Smarika is inspiring thousands of young people to be the change that they wish to see. Her work and initiative has reached over  thousands of people across Nepal. Thus, today she has been awarded with “Interact Initiative Awards-2.0”.

Additionally, She hopes to grow and evolve as a social influencer in the future. She hopes to do more for society, and to contribute to its advancement.

Glocal International Teen Conference is a fantastic platform for teenagers to share their thoughts, ideas, insights, perspectives, and experiences while also reflecting on world affairs and impacts based on teenagers and youths. Teenagers from all over the world virtually participate in learning and sharing their beautiful insights in order to make a social impact through their work & inspire other fellow teens to make a difference.


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