Anil Pradhan is an energetic and young inventor from Jhapa who is passionate about Science, Technology, and Robotics. Anil has been doing amazing initiation to help his society. He has invented a “Bomb Disposal Robot” and “Remote Control Robot” that is used in the agricultural sector to spray pesticides and can also be used in fishing farms and paddy plantations. His other useful invention is “3rd eye project” for blind people which helps differently-abled persons tackle obstacles using this device. His 3rd eye project is also called smart glass for blind people; where they can become more independent and need not to use the stick for support. Similarly, his other project- “Home Automation System” can be used to save electricity. 

Apart from that, he has invented an “Automatic street light system”, “Siren Drone” (for wildlife management), and many more for the welfare of the people at a very young age. For his creative invention, he has been awarded by Bhadrapur Municipality. Additionally, He has been involved in various projects for the betterment of society and his work has been appreciated  Nationally. 

Mr. Anil was invited to the 10th episode of Teenspire to share his ideas, initiation and achievement including his amazing experience of being part of Glocal’s 20under20 of 2018. Below here you can read his interesting conversation that will motivate to dream big;

What motivated you to get involved in the technology sector and when your journey started?

Since childhood, I was very interested to know all the things related to various electronic gadgets. So whenever I got a chance, I tried to learn things from breaking the gadgets and try to understand the functions of every part. I have been working in different fields and I am an artist too. I have faced many problems in my life; to mention such as an elephant attack. Then, I started looking for solutions to the existing problem and that’s why I chose Science and Technology to go forward. I decided to do good work through  Innovation. Currently, I am working on Innovation and will continue in future too.

How did you come to know about “Glocal Teen Hero?

About “Glocal Teen Hero”; I got a chance to know it from my colleague – Nabin. Knowing it I found it very interesting. During that time, I was working on my third eye project. Since that time I was working in the village but didn’t find any exposure for my work. So, I learned more about “Glocal Teen Hero” and decided to fill-up the form. With the advice from my colleague –  Nabin, I applied to Glocal Teen Hero.

As one of Glocal’s 20under20, now I am more confident towards my dream. I want to form a single large group in my community where I can gather many young creative students from different schools and work together for the development of science and technology in our country.

Can you tell us about your “Siren Drone Project”?

In my locality – Jhapa, wild elephants have always been one of the problematic things. Villagers were scared of the elephants as many members of society were killed by the animals in the past. After research, I had found that the elephants were most scared of the bee humming. Then, I  created a “Siren Drone” that chases elephants away. I installed the sound in the drone which also featured a red light.

When the drone goes near the elephants; the sound of the bees automatically turns on. Afraid of pointed red lights and bees sounds, elephants run away. As the remote drone works as far as five kilometres, the users of the machine can operate safely from a sizable distance so that the wild animals do not harm them. 

A siren drone project was successful in chasing the wild elephants. The machine has proved itself as the most effective method in chasing away the elephants without huge cost and damage.

How was your experience sharing your knowledge and ideas with the students? 

What I believe is that the work we do should solve existing problems. I feel happy sharing my knowledge and experiences with them. In my times, I lacked training and proper guidance. So, Now  I provide free materials and training to the students and motivate them by showing demonstration work and helping them to clear their queries.

What opportunities have you received being a part of “Glocal Teen Hero”? 

Before, I was only limited to myself. But after being a part of “Glocal Teen Hero”; I got an opportunity to widen my network and now I am connected with like-minded teenagers from different corners of the country. Also, I got an opportunity to attend different seminars and workshops. I would encourage every teenager who is working for the society to apply for the  “Glocal Teen Hero” project. This project provides you with an opportunity to get connected with more fellow teenagers who are working to create a ripple effect in the society besides academics.

The “Teenspire” Live Session was conducted by Glocal Pvt. Ltd and was live-streamed by the Glocal Teen Hero Facebook page. Mr. Ajay Pandey (IT Manager of Glocal Pvt. Ltd) was the host of the session.



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