Ms. Fazah Firnas is a Young Innovator, Climate Activist & Environmental Pioneer of Sri Lanka. 

She has initiated a program called “AAT”, which teaches the audience by bringing out unique motivational points and wonderful ideas of people. The program focuses on positive changes and helps to avoid such anti activities like polluting, creating conflicts, and other negative human activities and help people to succeed in their precious life instead of wasting and help them to face all the obstacles throughout their life. Additionally, She is also one of the top 6 finalists of Glocal Teen Hero Sri Lanka, 2020.

As an Environmental Activist; she has conducted different programs and campaigns related to the environment. Through her campaign; she has inspired fellow teenagers to follow the right steps. She is also actively involved as a Member of YOUNGO, which is an official youth constituency of the UNFCCC. Furthermore, Fazah is also a member of FOGSL (Field Ornithology Group of Sri Lanka)- an organization that brings people from all wakes of life to interact.

Similarly, she has been active in various projects for the betterment of society and her efforts have been recognized Internationally & Nationally. Fazah is the founder of UM which stands for “Upstanding Motivators.” The organization’s main goal is to bring out all the unique nations, unique ideas to inspire people to do the right thing and follow the right path. Furthermore, she also intends to organize petitions related to climate change,  social rights, and human conflict. Fazah has initiated big steps to aware people.

Currently, she is engaged as “An Aspiring Mover” with the Movers Programme – a regional movement of volunteers who develop SDGs awareness, entrepreneurial mindsets and 21st-century skills by conducting localized training at a grassroots level. 

Faza is very ambitious towards her goals. Millions of teenagers have been motivated by her to believe in action and to take appropriate steps for the betterment of society. Her ambition is to make a major change to make a positive contribution that will have a profound effect on society.

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