“To do something or to start something you need to have a passion first and most important continuity is the main key to success.” -Lov Panthi

Let’s meet Mr. Lov Panthi who is young; yet passionate. When he was in grade 2 he was inspired by a movie called “Robot”. Not by actors of course; but the robot who made them curious and led to make them a robot.

Along with his brother he has already created history by making robots at a young age. Below you can read his insightful talk on a conversation that inspires you to believe in a dream and go for the action.

What motivated you to enter the world of Robotics?

Lov: When I and my brother were studying in class two, we saw the poster of the movie Robot, at that time we were very much curious about Robot, on how it looks; and what actually it is?

 In the movie, we saw that humans can make a robot; which made us amazed and interested in robotics. At the very first we invented the Go-Go Robot which has the capability of speech recognition, motion detection, distance analyzing capability to provide a better user experience.

After the first invention; secondly, you guys have also invented the GO GO 2 Robot; So what is the difference between Go-Go Robot and Go Go 2 Robot?

Lov: In Go Go 2 Robot we gave a feature of human look and can translate more than 100 languages. It has a text recognition (OCR) which can take photos and upload itself in social media with a voice command.

 So Go GO 2 Robot has more advanced features than Go-Go Robot.

You have also made a Robot which actually can speak the Nepali language? So, how did you come to know that or idea for adding on the Nepali language feature in Robot?

Lov: Actually, people used to comment on our invention; mentioning that Why Robots Always Have an English Conversation; which is difficult to understand for some people?

That’s how we were inspired by the thoughts and we created a robot that can speak the Nepali language.

When you heard about the current global pandemic; what first thought came to your mind?

Lov: Well, I thought about studying from home since the exam was near but at the time being we felt lazy to study. The news of the Corona outbreak made us think of possible action to cure it.

In a dream, I saw a nurse robot taking care of corona patience and that’s how we invented the Go Corona Robot.

The Sanitizing Tunnel invention has been also supported by the local bodies. My question is; How did you develop the concept of the tunnel and how did you realize that there should be a tunnel on the highway for a better cure?

Lov: Actually, some of the government people of Tilottama were talking about setting the sanitizer and which seems to be expensive and non – efficient. So, we took a chance to share the ideas of sensor sanitizer. So, That’s how we started work on the tunnel with the help of Tilotamma people.

So, What about the future plan??

Further, along with my brother Kush, we shall continue work in the robotics sector and wish to make a Nation known in the “Robotics Field”.

Message for Teenagers!

What I would like to say is; To do something or to start something you need to have a passion first and most important continuity is the main key to success.

The live session capped the work of Lov and his successful innovation. It was conducted by Glocal Pvt. Ltd and was live-streamed by the Glocal Teen Hero Facebook page. The session has been named as a “Teenspire” which means an inspirational teenager and was moderated by Mr. Ajay Pandey (IT Manager of Glocal Pvt. Ltd).

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