Mr. Aashish Shah, a high school graduate is a young and enthusiastic Edu-technologist from Dhanusha. He introduces himself as an “Edu-technologist” because he works in the field of education and uses technology to bring change. He is a member of the “Robotech Nepal” group that works to bring about change by using technology to make education more accessible. Ever since his childhood, he aspired to do the impossible and prove that everything is possible through hard work and dedication to one’s dream. When he finished SEE, he began volunteering as a content developer for “Mathematics Initiatives in Nepal”, which developed a curriculum for Nepali schools, provided training for Olympiad preparations, and promoted the importance of teaching math to Nepalese students. Additionally, he taught 50 underprivileged children at the Dhanusha Science Campus for two months for free as a volunteer teacher. Currently, he works as an Edu-technologist in Nepal, bringing together the fields of technology and education. He is a Youtube educator who has been educating young people. His Youtube channel, “Studious Nepali”, covered many academic subjects, including entrance preparation, book selection, and SAT practice. Aashish is one of the co-founders of RoboTeach Nepal, a non-profit group that teaches the fundamentals of robotics and creates a community of robotics lovers to represent the nation internationally. He has conducted workshops in 25 educational institutions and provided the basic knowledge of robotics to 2100+ students. Besides this, He taught basic computer skills to students in remote areas of Nepal and promoted Digital literacy. He also partnered with ManavSewa Ashram and conducted sessions for orphanage children. Aashish has organized fifteen-day free coding camps for high school students; over 1000+ students participated.  Aashish has created ELI5 videos to better understand mathematical concepts for secondary and high school students. He also works as a District representative for “Aura Ed” a nonprofit organization that strives to provide digital literacy to all kids in Nepal. In future, he envisions himself as the team leader of RoboTeach Global, educating every kid in Nepal to become “Robo-aware.”

Impact Created

RoboTeach Nepal aims to make students into inventors and producers. His goal is to prepare pupils to thrive in this technologically advanced society. He works as district representative at Aura ed and recruited 30 volunteers, reached 20+ villages and impacted 1500+ lives within his district.
Aashish Shah has been selected as a “Glocal’s 20under20 of 2022 Batch” as an early change-maker throughout the nation. Glocal’s 20 under 20 is an umbrella title for 20 early change-makers, who are teenagers from diverse fields, stepping out to create an impact in the society.

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