Simarjot Singh Monga is a young social etrepreneur who loves to debate on international issues and participate in MUNs. He has a profound interest in Machine learning and Astrophysics. Alongside, he is a technology enthusiast and has been working on Spintronics and Neuromorphic Computing research under the guidance of Md. Sadek Hossaim Asif from Notre Dame college, Bangladesh.

During the beginning stages of the Covid pandemic, the rise of e-delivery technologies enlivened him to come up with a  solution for local retailers that were losing deals. In this manner, he began chipping away at his own non-profit called, “Go-Global which intended to assist with reducing the economy of the countries by assisting helping the lower end of retail markets get online in such unprecedented times.

Simarjot is operating as a writer at illinois science council. He is also doing work for a newspaper organization; SherePunjab having a social reach of 50, 000+ people. He firmly features boosting typically the dialogue between young generations and their older counterparts involved in politics. 

Aside from that; He is an enthusiastic speaker. He generally attempts to find a voice inside him that assists him with seeking after what he needs. At the point when he was in sixth grade; he began talking on global issues and appreciates discussing them. He has been facilitating various projects and meetings. He has facilitated the Inter-circuit Annual Debate competition and Regional youth awards fair. Additionally, He was welcomed as secretary speaker for conference 1 and a participant for conference 2 in United Nations Association of Greater Boston in 2o21. Additionally, Simarjot has received Parley International Model UN & Inter-District Model UN award as Best Delegate 2020.

Concerning his future ideas; he wants to follow a political path to become a diplomat or would research in astrophysics or neuroscience at a doctorate level. Additionally, Simarjot was also one of the International Speakers for the Glocal International Teen Conference, 2021.


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