Ms.Aysath Ruksana is an energetic and young health activist from Tamilnadu. She has a keen interest in public speaking and believes that public speaking is a powerful persuasion tool for changing people’s minds. She is a true leader who is passionate about bringing a chain impact in society. Her every initiation to action has always led towards better changes. 

Ruksana is a world record holder (1144-hour show in which she was one of 9000 participants) of THE ORANGE BOOK OF WORLD RECORDS. She is also a coin collector who holds both a national and a world record for writing 100 smallest countries’ names with multinational both ancient and current coins.

Rukshana is the director of VTeam where they have been funding tons of students, orphanages, and orphans which has created for a great impact. She is also a co-founder of shikshit Bharat which works to empower the Future of India. Aysath is Planeteers at Gaia Bharat.

Aysath is working at Shoonya, a non-profit NGO where she advocates for mental health. She works to improve the lives of India’s youth. She has been posting so many things regarding mental health issues and the solutions to them on her Instagram page, “The Shoonya Project.” She has made a significant difference in the lives of the youth. Besides this, She also gives motivational speeches, runs awareness campaigns, and speaks about current issues such as 8-roads in Tamilnadu, gender equality, and the importance of agriculture and farmers in order to educate the Indian citizens. 

Aysath is also a “President of Tamilnadu” for Inspire Foundation. She has been conducting tons of workshops and events all throughout to help empower future India. Furthermore, She has been awarded as “The stellar performer” in Global Students leadership conclave’21. For this year’s conclave GSLC’22, Aysath got a chance to express herself as the moderator for panel-3, “The undergraduate students” admist 632 applications. Apart from that, she is PR & Digital Marketing Executive of GSLC’22.

Besides this, She has won many awards which include Veera Pandya Kattabomman, APJ ABDUL KALAM’s THE LEADER AWARD, Best performer award, The Stellar Performer, etc. Additionally, Aysath is one of the Finalists of Glocal Teen Hero India 2021. Aysath was honored as the most inspiring woman on the Earth for the Golden Book of Earth Records by International Internship University. She is one amongst the 1001 privileged Inspiring Women on the Earth to be a part of the Golden Book of Earth Records.

Aysath has always been energetic and actively working in the field of activism, with the goal of discovering herself. Millions of youths have been motivated by her to believe in action and to take action for the betterment of society. She aspires to do something big, something positive that can make a huge impact in society or for the nation.

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