Samir Phuyal is an emerging entrepreneur and tech enthusiast who is passionate about Technology and Innovation. He develops websites and apps which solve a problem of society. His fascination with websites & software began at an early age. His goal was to build something like that, so he began to learn coding. His main interest is building scalable & maintainable Backend Systems using Python Django. In spite of this, he is more comfortable working with Frontend Web Development. 

Samir is the founder of Karobar, a free accounting and inventory management app for Nepali MSMEs. Karobar app is helping 30k+ Nepali shop owners to record their sales, purchases, stock & keep track of customer credit records digitally replacing the traditional paper khata. 

He is also running an IT company called Bytecare Technology where he provides development services to various national and international clients. It has always been Samir’s intention to find himself in the technology field and he has always worked in that field actively. 

Apart from this, he has also taught more than 13k people worldwide about Django through the Udemy app to build a powerful web application. Samir has developed a handy guide to learn all the major Python concepts for web development. Apart from that, he has published articles about app development with Flutter on Living with ICT Magazine of Nepal. He has conducted several workshops and trainings on Django, App, Python, and Web Development. Moreover, he has taught a 3 months long program at CPN Biratchowk on Frontend Web Development. Samir worked as a backend developer for an Australian company called Infynitee, later moving into frontend development using Vue Nuxt.

Additionally, Samir has launched another project called “Qwik”, which provides free & easy-to-use tools for fixing links. It allows you to create one download link for an app, shortened links for apps, and bio links for apps quickly.

Samir has been working and leading himself on different projects. His another project “Dairy Management System” helps to store customer details, keep track of the milk received by them, and handle payment to customers on the basis of a fortnight period. He built this project for Baigundhura Sana Kisaan Dairy.

Besides this, he has also created projects for his clients. He designed the eCommerce site “EverestBeads – eCommerce Site”, which contains all the essential features. It includes a powerful backend admin panel built with Django that will allow you to manage all site functions, such as adding products, receiving and managing orders, adding categories and subcategories, receiving payments from PayPal, cart system, order tracking, and user dashboards. His other project “” allows users to create and list their own online Dokan, add their products, and begin receiving orders immediately.

He developed a website for Sukuna Multiple Campus which contains all the information regarding college, plus the site allows students to share updates, events details, and file download links. Aside from this, Samir has created Visual Studio Code Theme in order to better understand how themes work. With his “Django Google Translate” package, he provides an easy way to integrate Google Translate in Django templates.

Additionally, His dedication and enthusiasm towards bringing impact in society has made him one of the early change makers and awarded him as the “Wai Wai Glocal Teen Hero, 2019”. Also, he has received an appreciation award by Computer Association Nepal. Besides this, his project “Naya Kinmel” has been recognized as the top 5 category for the Rising Student ICT Award in 2019. 

It has always been Samir’s intention to find himself in the field of technology and he has always worked in that field actively. As a result of his inspiring actions, millions of teenagers have believed in action and acted for the benefit of society. In his dreams, he hopes to make a huge difference in society or for the nation through something positive. 

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