Azmayeen Akmal is a teenager entrepreneur who is passionate about Technology and Innovation. He is the founder and CEO of “Optimum Technologies”. He was widely recognized several times for his innovative initiatives and was awarded as the Champion in Basis National ICT Awards 2018. He was also a top 10 finalist in the country’s most largely arranged TV reality show, Udvaboker Khoje season 1, and has achieved more than 40 National and International awards. He is devoted to finding better solutions to the current problems of society through modern technology and innovation.

As a speaker of Glocal International Teen Conference, 2017; He was invited in the 5th Episode of the Teenspire. In the session Mr. Akmal shared his ideas, initiation and achievement including his amazing experience.  The session was live streamed on Glocal Teen Hero Facebook page and moderated by Mr. Ajay Pandey (IT Manager of Glocal Pvt. ltd.)

Below you can read his full conversation;

What inspired you to work in the technological sector? 

Since childhood; I was very much eager to learn about technology. I used to learn robotics and computer programming and from which I came to know about  the possibilities of the future of technology. However, I was not familiar with technology entrepreneurship, but I was inspired by a lot of elders and people from the Glocal International Teen Conference.  Through the conference; I got the opportunity to connect with a lot of teens and youths. Therefore, I started learning about people, forming a team and since then I have been doing various projects. 

As a teen; How is your experience of working with various top businesses and the government? 

I definitely feel very special and at the same time I feel like this is very challenging mainly because society is not used to the culture. So as a teen; we try to do something for society and to do something for the nation that makes us feel very special. Having been able to collaborate in places like the prime minister’s office, businesses worldwide and International firms; It has been challenging enough for me. But overcoming these challenges have added up to my experiences. And I think these challenges are very useful for us to learn.

How can teenagers execute their ideas into action? 

Everything we do; it starts with an idea. Yes, To execute that idea is the hardest.

So as a teenager, when you have an idea, that idea is exceptional. Therefore, to execute that idea, it is necessary to ask for help, but many people still will not be willing to help them. However, if you have already executed the idea in a right way and are already doing good in the market, then that is the moment when you get insurmountable support from investors, family and other peers. Additionally, Teens also need to have a great team and need to be strong willed to execute any ideas. 

What are your plans for the future? 

I have always dreamed of doing something big, something that can make a huge impact in the world.

So, to achieve that, I have always felt to have great resources. Now, I  have a great team, resources and great ideas. In order to initiate something, we need huge revenue which is important for any entrepreneur. You need funds to initiate something and to raise your business. Thus, my team now has already started raising funds and has estimated to launch the venture by the end of the year 2020. The venture focuses on  transportation. 

We are very excited  and are looking forward to launching this venture. 

Lastly, the session ended with a great message from Azmayeen to all the teens. He says “As a teen you need to overcome all the challenges you face, you need to meet more people, like-minded teens and make networks with them. And together as a teen, you can seek help and help others to initiate any ideas that you have.” 


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