Our ability to do good at something, to have the expertise in a particular field has a direct relatedness as to how hard we work for something we really want to pursue or for someone we aspire to become. Oftentimes, we, especially teenagers, are misguided other’s opinions. They are lured easily towards misleading things. Similarly, it is also not as tough to divert their curious brains towards doing something good. And for a teen to do something meaningful in their life, the first and foremost thing they have to do is to be with the right group of people from whom they can learn and get inspired so that they can realize the importance of skills such as communication skill, cooking skill, listening skill, problem-solving skill, empathizing skill and many other that are most needed to sustain a life in the present scenario because without striving for growth, it is hard to sustain life and largely, harder to find meaning to life.

Having the ability to communicate is a life skill every teen should learn. Proper communication offers clarifications to misunderstandings. It is essential to understand other’s desires, what they feel, and how they think. Proper communication is needed in order to avoid fights, build stronger relationships with people, to let people know about your feelings, your ideas, and how you view the world. Proper communication does not mean constantly talking or trying to degrade others by hurting them with words. It means that you should be rational enough and express what you are thinking to live a happy life.

Just how important communication skills can be, it is equally important to have listening skills, and most teenagers fail to recognize its importance. Being able to listen to someone effectively means you are letting the speaker become heard. No matter what they are sharing, it is important to listen because then, the speaker feels secure and the listener gets to learn something from them.

Moreover, a teen needs to have a healthy and balanced lifestyle so as to become healthier in the later years. For this, it is a must that they learn cooking skills. Playing with vegetables, water, kitchen utensils, adding new flavor and ingredients to the recipe seems fun, but asking with that, we also have a direct connection with the food we cook and the water we use which makes the food cooked by self-tastier and meal preparation more enjoyable. Alongside this, it helps you meet the nutrition guidelines and allows you to make healthier food choices.

Another important life skill for any teen to avoid clashes is solving the problems prevalent. Several problems can make them fragile. Even worse if they do not have the ability to solve one.

Therefore firstly, you need to identify what the problem is, what caused it in the first place. Secondly, try and focus on the issue, not the person, thing, or emotion. Listening and communicating about your problem is the next best way to go. After analyzing the core that caused the problem, it is important to generate a solution to it and implement the solution. These are important to solve most problems in life and to avoid stress and triggering anxieties.

Most importantly, it is necessary for a tree to better feel and share the feelings of another. Having the feeling of empathy among your friends and family makes you feel loved because you get to know what the other person is going through and they have input trust upon you. Getting and giving feedback, challenging yourself, and getting out of your comfort zone makes you strengthen your ability to empathize.

Therefore, if you strive for growth and have a sense of purpose in life it is necessary to inspire those around you, get to know them better, but most importantly, getting to know yourself better. And these are the skills that you can learn or acquire. It is hence important for elders as well to teach teenagers to develop these skills.


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