The age of 13 to 19 is called the transition period; which is a time that actually needs attention and guidelines to develop their knowledge and skills. At this age, teenagers face both internal and external struggles. During this phase, they want to do something creative and bring positive changes to themselves.

Oftentimes, we can see that teenagers lack motivation due to their close surroundings. It is essential that their ideas, creativity, and willingness need support from the elder ones. No matter what age someone is; Teenagers should be encouraged to pursue what they dream for and that motivation counts for their history of success. 

Parents – A Supportive Hand for Teenagers

Since teenage is a very crucial period, parents need to act as a role model for their children. Teens can usually get distracted easily and it is their parent’s job to inspire them and become better human beings. They need to understand and make their teens understand that parents’ goals and their goals will be entirely different. 

They need to encourage their teenage children to have a dream of their own interest and pursue that so that they can have a secure livelihood, rather than spending life in despair. They have to encourage their creativity, help them live in the moment, and experience the joy of their excitement. Whatever their passion is, teenagers themselves need to find a way to cultivate it. Also, parents need to be very supportive when it comes to their child and their future. Therefore, motivating them to do the best is what makes them happy about their lives. 

Having supportive parents for them means they too will turn out to be supportive of their future children. It creates a generation of humble and kind human beings. Teenagers will take the word for their parents and follow their teachings. Being around people who support them can be a huge plus. They will have someone to look upon, they will have love, support, and affection from parents, which makes them feel safe and secure, and are powerful weapons against peer pressure, life’s challenges, and disappointments. 

Moreover, it is most important for teenagers to realize their own potential in order to grow. If they know what they are accountable to do and what they are not, then it means they can make decisions for themselves and on their own. They do not have to depend on anyone else. Because if a teen realizes how powerful their dream can be once they know how to turn it into reality, no one can look down on them. If any teen does something good, then even parents or relatives, friends, and society that discouraged them will start appreciating their work and effort. 

Thus, it is important for parents to know their teen, their behavioral changes, help them reach the peak for them to have a secure future. But, alongside that, it is even more important for a teen to know their worth and what they can do in society. 


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