We all spend our long hours revising notes and books. But still, we struggle when it comes to writing or remembering. We get stuck on the same line of thought process when it comes to learning.

We use the same techniques like underlining, cramming, highlighting,  repeating the same phrase, getting distracted, and a lot more. Sometimes we struggle with time and a huge syllabus to complete before the deadline. That actually ends up stressing us and losing confidence. No wonder, we may get self-doubt. Sometimes even the ability to remember or pre-planning doesn’t work. 

But ever you thought to change your learning and remembering cycle-or, changing your ineffective learning into effective learning? If not, Let’s hear these interesting tips to turn your ineffective learning into effective learning. 

Tips to turn your ineffective learning into effective learning

  • Make a Study Plan and Get Organized- Make a study plan/journal. Plan for every other day prioritizing each chapter. Set specific goals for each day and start working on the same specific goals. Complete it and after completing celebrate your small achievement. 
  • Solve your Queries Instantly- If there are any queries or misconceptions, talk to your teacher and solve that instantly. Don’t wait for tomorrow. Talk to your teacher and ask for clarification and extra help. 
  • Review your notes from class every evening- After school or tuition, review your learnings, and repeat what you learned. This strengthens your memory. 
  • Make study notes and revision notes- For exam time, it’s always better to make study notes and revision notes. So, it would be easy to revise and reconnect with your learning. 
  • Have your own Study Space- The Teenager’s relationship with the study table is inseparable. The Benefits of having a study space that connects you with your future are immense in nature. Boosting your concentration to dedication while studying is the benefit.
  • And, Study Smart not Hard- Focus on the smart ways to learn rather than spending your long hours repeating the same phrase. 

Developing effective study habits is a long struggle as we have not been familiar with this system of education. We are focused on completing notes and doing homework and grabbing books before exams. I’m sure it will take time to follow the effective way of noting down but that’s not impossible. 

Have a Great Time. 


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