Mr. Kunal Sah, 20under20 of Glocal Teen Hero Nepal 2022, is a 19-year-old bachelor’s level student and digital marketing expert and entrepreneur by passion.

He started his career in digital marketing at the age of 16. He is a creative thinker, learner, and explorer. He’s fond of learning new things and sharing the knowledge that he assures. 


He is also a co-founder and CEO of A platform to connect students and freshers with companies that are seeking internships. He has been continuously optimizing the platform to make it user-friendly and scalable.

Imparting his knowledge to more, he says,We are re-constructing our team and onboarding a few members from Nepal, and also from Australia, France, India, and Canada to the position of a country director who has strong contacts in their region and can assist us in bringing international opportunities to students and graduates. They are also guiding me through weekly 1-hour on-call mentoring sessions on pricing plans, user acquisition, business distribution, pitching, and expansion methods.

A few interesting people have also shown an interest in investing in and joining InternSathi with the same mission and vision. We are working on getting the growth back on track, as we did when we first started and created a buzz.

The team is working hard by setting a goal for InternSathi for two months of at least 50 internships per month, user registration of 10K, and Facebook community members of 20K.

Currently, they are processing the listing and opportunities with 1500+ registered candidates that they acquired after the website launch and an extra 2000 users’ profiles that were received before the website launch from Google form.

Also, they have 150+ companies that are connected and have worked with them and will increase the number of companies’ partnerships within the goal of 2 months, up to 300+, Interesting!

And, they are in the preparation of a go-to strategy and execution process and are documenting standard operating procedures for smooth functioning. 

He also mentions, “ Recently, we were also selected for the Microsoft for Startups Founder Hub Program.

We are proud to announce that we have joined the Microsoft for Startups program. An exclusive project that will help us scale and develop our business by joining forces with Microsoft teams and the Azure Cloud for up to 150K$ Credits.”

InternSathi will access Microsoft’s expert mentor network and cloud platforms with technical benefits and business resources. This collaboration with Microsoft will enable us to run and deliver our services on a global scale, which is really inspiring and motivating to us.

The Glocal Teen Hero community Congratulates him and the whole hardworking team!

His Journey to Glocal Teen Hero 2022,

Kunal was selected as Glocal’s 20under20 for the batch 2022. And, he expressed his journey with a few words, that says, 

After getting selected as Glocal’s 20 under 20 and being part of the Glocal Family. I have developed my leadership and networking skills and have made myself presentable and convenient. Due to these skills, I have successfully been able to collaborate with companies and country directors, and student-led organizations. The glocal platform assisted me in connecting with its partnered organization. And also, in increasing our working speed to make more impact immediately.”

Also, he has been selected as a top 20 fellow at the Nabil School of Social Entrepreneurship, a CSR initiative by Nabil Bank. A month ago, he completed his 6 months of social entrepreneurship fellowship and got continuous support from the Nabil SSE team and mentors. This incredible journey guides him on every step of his work and roadmap. And also, helps him to curate a robust roadmap with execution for InternSathi: Internships In Nepal.

His works have created an impact on the student community. He imparted awareness by creating a platform that helped to bridge the gap between job providers and researchers. 

We wish him the best in his future endeavor.


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