One of the greatest wealth of a person is their Mindset. Your mindset allows you to overcome each and every problem on your way. So always have a Growth Mindset and focus on improving yourself every day. With an aim to enhance the growth mindset in teenagers, Glocal International Teen Conference conducted a workshop on ‘Growth Mindset’ to increase the teenager’s participation to act for a positive change through individual initiation and creativity. Glocal International Teen Conference was organized virtually on Dec 10 & 11, 2020.

A mindful & interactive workshop on ‘Growth Mindset’ was facilitated by Mr. Shaurab Lohani, Corporate Trainer. He is a public speaker, a motivational speaker, a life skills coach, and a training facilitator. He is the founder CEO of Dormitory Nepal, Budget Trekking, Logical Tech, and Pailo Paila.

                          Mr. Shaurab Lohani, Corporate Trainer

The Growth Mindset Workshop helped participants to get rid of a fixed mindset and helped them to achieve immense in personal and professional life. 

Positive Learning Mindset – essential to making progress, achieving happiness & success!

Why is it so important to have a growth mindset? The idea that talents and abilities are innate limits your potential to achieve success. People with a growth mindset are more motivated to learn. They are sure that any goals are possible to attain if they work hard enough and choose smart strategies to reach their objectives. 

People are born and leaders are made. Everyone is born with talent and skills but very few people learn how to use the skillset and the talent to their benefit. Most of the time, these talents and potential remain within and never discovered because of the fixed mindset people develop over the years.

Here is the gist of the workshop;

Before starting the session, Mr. Lohani interacted with participants and started the mindful workshop with a small activity that helped them to take a concept note on mind-set. 

Individuals who believe that talents and abilities can be developed through effort, practice, and instruction are more successful than those who believe that talents and abilities are fixed. Having a growth mindset is a robust predictor of academic success.  The growth vs. fixed mindset distinction has implications outside student learning and education. In the workplace, leaders with a fixed mindset place little value in developing the potential of employees, fostering a fixed mindset environment. Leaders with a growth mindset, on the other hand, appreciate the effort put into developing abilities, creating an environment of learning and growth.

Fostering a growth mindset has positive implications for both individuals and organizations. Setting new challenges for yourself and prioritizing the value of learning can aid in the development of a growth mindset. Setting small achievable goals for yourself can also improve confidence and lead to a mindset of growth.

If organizations want to pursue a growth mindset, leaders have to promote continual learning, acceptance of mistakes and maximizing employee potential. This means valuing affinity for learning over credentials and previous accomplishments. Focusing on the capacity for growth may yield significant advantages over firms that simply focus on the existing talent they have in place.

He emphasizes that in life a growth mindset does not mean open people. We all are open to so many things, but we all have our own set of beliefs and limitations. Just like that, there are several things that we carry inside our mind. We need to understand that entertainment and learning are different. You need to tell your mind that you are here to learn not to get entertained where this is called a rigid or fixed mindset.

Moving forward, failure is the other way and success is the other way. Failure is the opposite of success. If you’re a growth mindset person you need to think about society because society always labels you. And if you don’t talk too much, society will label you arrogant. If you speak too much, you’re considered valueless because you speak too much. He added a quote of Winston Churchill” If you want to make everybody happy, start selling ice cream.” Society is going to talk anyway even if you go against them, they’re going to talk about you, even if you go above them, they’re going to talk about you, or even if you go with them, they’re going to talk about you. So don’t focus too much on society, so always move forward.

Mr Lohani addressed that a growth mentality person would always understand that failing is not possible to avoid. The faster you fail, the faster you will succeed. If you want something, it’s just like an experiment. See the faster you make mistakes and you’ll learn from those mistakes. The sooner you will find a solution for anything that you want in your life. Sometimes you may feel sad, you may be depressed, but you will find success. Failure is a part of success. You make so many failures and based on those failures, you will achieve success. So with a growth mindset, people would always see these things with a bigger perspective. 

Always remember that your skills, abilities, and talents are dynamic. A growth mindset is all about rewarding the learning progress and making efforts to move forward. To develop it, you should identify yourself with growth thinking and behaviour. A growth mindset does not have limits or restrictions. Dive into it and appreciate the journey.

The Growth Mindset workshop ended in an intellectual and very interactive way. This workshop also helped participants to develop an open mindset & perspective, as well as evolved to learn, contribute and grow in life. 


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