Setting the goal is the whole long process of analyzing yourself, evaluating, motivation, and getting rolled in with solid determination. Sometimes we may get distracted, feel tired, and frustrated but that’s common human nature. Everyone around us faces such a situation and as Teenagers, we often make decisions impulsively. Sometimes we care excessively and other times we work carefree. 

Keeping ourselves motivated every time is something that we all fail at. And, that’s completely Okay. We may be lazy or not, procrastinators or not but being unmotivated is the natural consequence of Teenage. 

There’s a belief that teenagers should be hardworking, strict in their discipline, good marks, no outings, and many more that often question our current activities. The expectation from teenagers is still the same despite the change in era and technology. And, that sometimes directly or indirectly put pressure on us. 

However, motivation is the key element to give continuity to achieve your targeted goal. Motivation is what drives every individual to success. The internal energizing forces that plays role in our productivity. The level of motivation in your work defines the pace of work you’re involved in. Coping the challenges shows where you stand and what you’re looking up to. 

And, as a teenager, it’s important to understand the word motivation because this governs you. It’s challenging to maintain the same level of motivation and for that here we have a few points to focus on, 

Maintain your Motivation,

  1. Specific Goal, Set one specific goal and indulge yourself completely in that. Make your goal part of your routine, and journal if required. 
  2. Fragmentation, Break your specific goal into smaller pieces. Set every day’s target, this way it would be easier to execute and journal. You can also set reminders with priority. 
  3. Be Mindfulness, The Ability to pay attention to your desired goal is all about being mindful. This will help you to be committed to your work. Calm yourself, Take a break if you need and resume back with great determination. 
  4. Mentors, Find someone whom you can idolize. An individual whose words can influence you motivates you and gives you the determination to feel gathered. Someone who can help you in learning and developing. 
  5. Positivity and Exercise, Surround yourself with positive minds and a positive environment. Positivity and regular exercise enhance your concentration skills. 

Also, if you’re struggling to feel motivated, take time to understand. Make a questionnaire and ask yourself. Write down the answers, let that be a mess. Because the mess will definitely help you to achieve your goal. The only thing required is your will to work and that’s motivation. 

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