In simple terms, resilience is the ability to cope with difficulties. It is a process of bouncing back and challenging yourself to get through hard times. As we grow, we must understand the coping mechanism as teenage life is filled with stressors and significant aspects. Well growing up isn’t easy, the UPs and DOWNs often pressurize us to lose control of ourselves. And developing the nature of resilience is essential to overcome the thrown challenges of ups and downs. Resilience is not something we are born with. It is something that can be cultivated and nurtured as a part of growing up.

And, throughout growing age resilience is something that keeps on expanding by learning from the good and bad experiences. This is important as it enables us to develop coping mechanisms, helping us to maintain the balance in life during tough times, protecting our mental health, and nurturing our presence. There are several ways through which we can develop more resilience in difficult or stressful events in our lives. I have listed some of these below.

The Tips to develop Resilience,

Holding a positive attitude

To develop a positive attitude you should stop focusing on the bad things and start noticing the good things more. It will become simpler with practice if you try to be more appreciative, look for the advantages, and think more positively. A positive attitude is all about thinking and acting positively.

Surrounding yourself with supportive friends

Surround yourself with a supportive family and friends. And with this. allow people to be who they are; accept them for who they are, including their flaws; and urge others to do the same for you. Support the positivity around you that energizes you to succeed. 

Good Communication 

Speaking, listening, seeing, and empathizing are all components of effective communication. Knowing the differences between verbal and nonverbal communication styles, such as those used in face-to-face contacts, phone calls, and digital channels like email and social media, is also beneficial. Good communication is about paying close attention to the people speaking to you. 

Being able to overcome challenges

It is important to overcome the challenges in life. Challenges are there to bring out the best and the worst in us and most of the time, people won’t be there to stay by our side especially if you fall for the latter. Knowing what you are really up against can help you figure out which move to make. Therefore, developing the ability to be resilient is an essential aspect. 

Being less hard on Yourself

Being less hard on yourself is about finding opportunities to appreciate yourself. Resolving the self-critical conflict within and rewarding for the smallest achievements. This also stands for letting your mind calm at ease and forgive.

We can learn resilience in various ways which include the strategies that we use to manage stress. And, one can learn the best resilience through life experiences i.e. ups and downs that pressurizes you. This is about developing the courage and strength to see even in a dark room. The benefit of cultivating resilience is improved mental state along with health, being courageous and strong enough to manage stress, and learning from hardships and mistakes. 

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