Shrijana Gautam, Top 6 finalist, Glocal Teen Hero Nepal 2022, is a social and youth activist from Morang. She has been working as a Vice-President in a youth-led organization called ‘We’ for Change with the goal of mobilizing young people and contributing her own to the well-being of future generations. She believes that young minds are capable of amazing things, and enjoys connecting with young people around the world.


As a Vice-President of ‘We’ for Change, she is currently working to create and develop youth engagement programs and projects. Since youths are untouched resources in the country, she has been devoting her time and energy to the development and implementation of youth engagement and empowerment programs. 

She is also working on the project ‘Hariyo Pusta,’ which is a youth initiative that has been engaging over 1500 youths from 7 municipalities of 7 provinces of Nepal in a campaign for green recovery and climate-responsive sustainable urban planning through a variety of activities. This project has been raising awareness, engaging, and empowering young people in the sector of Climate Action throughout Nepal. The project has created 21 Hariyo Pusta Eco-Clubs, engaged 1531 participants as volunteers, and 1389 students with collaboration from local municipalities and schools.

She is also engaged in training 15 young girls from 5 districts of Nepal in knowledge expansion and strengthening the involvement of young people in implementing the climate policies in Nepal. She is also working on a social media campaign that is focused to aware and engaging young people about HIV/AIDS.

Her diverse leadership experiences enable her to identify emerging trends, participate in critical policies, and make a difference in people’s lives. As a board member of a youth-led NGO, she is able to generate ideas, discuss them with others, seek feedback, and then put them into action. As a board member, she has been making decisions to improve people’s lives.


Under the project ‘I  Can Lead’ she had a wonderful experience working with 10 HIV-positive young girls from the Kailali district. She committed herself to develop their leadership and public speaking skills. They were even afraid to introduce themselves at first, but after the training, they were able to speak and even present their overall experiences and findings to their ART (Antiretroviral Therapy) counselors. She has also trained 20 young girls in the Sindhuli District in reusable pad-making and business development. The marginalized girls learned to make pads through reusable pad-making training, and they even went around their community teaching their relatives, neighbors, and friends about the benefits of reusable pads and how to make them. The girls had recognized the already-existing potential within them as a result of business development training, which enabled participants to begin to see their situation differently and dispel myths or perceptions about what it takes to be a successful business owner.

Her journey to Glocal Teen Hero,

She says, “Glocal Teen Hero has been one of the most memorable experiences of my life. The networking and learning opportunities have allowed me to be inspired by leaders from a variety of fields. The platform gave me the opportunity to meet people who shared my interests and create memories and bonds that will last a lifetime. Glocal has given me networking, exposure, and recognition opportunities that have inspired me to work harder and set the groundwork for my vision.”

we wish best of luck in her future endeavors.,

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