Let’s talk about the early change maker teenagers. The teenagers who has proved that “Age Is Just A Number”.


In an update with the prove of the action, we are sharing a story of six inspirational teenagers from Nepal. Their involvement to support peoples through their knowledge and activity has made them to listed in Top Six Finalist of Wai Wai Glocal Teen Hero, 2019.


Doing something impactful in society is a dream that these teenagers have perceived in their juvenile age. Wind of positivity that they have spread has made nation to believe in their action towards changing the world.


A power to do someone a good turn has made these teenagers as an extraordinary person. Seeing these teenagers working for the welfare of the society has created a chain learning impact itself. At this moment of making environment vitalize, we want to present the story of social impact of six teenagers who has been making society a better place to live with the positive effect.




  1. Bidhi Mandal, 19-year-old Entrepreneur


Bidhi Mandal has been creating a construction material such as bricks, roof and floor tiles out of plastics to help families with substandard housing conditions to have better homes. The construction materials will be made out of plastic by managing around 5 tons of plastic waste, which will definitely reduce the land and plastic pollution.


She has already won the “Infrastructure Idea Hunt, 2019” in Nepal Infrastructure Summit, 2019 and has secured second position on 4th Yunus National Social Business Challenge and UNDP Youth Co: Lab 3.0.

Her initiation towards helping people with housing solution is one of the inspiring things which has adored nationally. https://glocalkhabar.com/bidhi-mandal-an-emerging-entrepreneur-and-social-activist/


  1. Bikram Parajuli, 18-year-old Tech Educator


Bikram Parajuli is a maker mentor at Karkhana and delivering a free Creative Computing Course for local youths. He has taken a number of classes in both community and private schools on robotics, electronics, 3D animation, game design and paper engineering.


He also teaches young teenagers on Robotics at American Corner and working to build Nepali modules content according to the curriculum of Nepal which will provide a solution for e-library with enough contents to help students study and communities to solve basic problems.


Bikram has been awarded for the “Feri Uthne Cha Nepal” by Wai Wai Glocal Teen Hero along with Coca – Cola Nepal. https://glocalkhabar.com/bikram-parajuli-a-dedicated-tech-educator/


  1. Lov Panthi, 14-year-old Innovator


Lov Panthi is a young innovator who has already made different Robots with specific quality along with his brother in early age. Since last 3 years he has been making robot with numbers of research. One of the Robot has already been registered in Nepal Industry Department in Patent Right as a first robot in the world to understand and speak the Nepali language.


He has also built an automated humanoid robot called ‘Go Go’, which can shake hands and perform tasks like switching lights on or off, lifting small objects and even uploading pictures on social sites. https://glocalkhabar.com/lov-panthi-a-visionary-young-innovator-of-nepal/



  1. Rachin Kalakheti, 17-year-old Technopreneur


Rachin Kalakheti is the Founder/CEO of Videha Ltd. He is into Quantum programming an IBM certified Data Science Professional and Stanford University certified in Machine Learning.

He is developing a complete diagnosis solution for chest, knee and skin cancer also working on further project like heart attack prediction, breast cancer prediction, brain disease diagnosis, etc. via using computers and AI.  He is also involved in Augmented Reality based E-learning app which focuses on providing concepts to learners, which will help to achieve quality education. Likewise, Rachin also teaches people through his Youtube channel. https://glocalkhabar.com/rachin-kalakheti-a-socially-aware-technopreneur/


  1. Samir Phuyal, 16-year-old Entrepreneur


Wai Wai Glocal Teen Hero Samir Phuyal is a 16 years old entrepreneur who develops a websites and apps that solves the problem in society. He has also initiated an online advertising platform called “NayaKinmel.com” an online advertising platform with the vision of digitalizing newspaper ads which aims to facilitate trading between buyers and sellers.


Samir has taught more than 13k people worldwide about Django through Udemy app to build a powerful web application. He has also developed Magic of Words Summaries and QnA app to help +2 students on their course. Additionally, He is also running Hamro Tech YouTube Channel which teaches Web Development and Programming on Nepali Language. https://glocalkhabar.com/samir-phuyal-was-felicitated-wai-wai-glocal-teen-hero-2019/


  1. Supriya Maharjan Sapkota, 18-year-old Social Activist


Supriya is running a “PROJECT HOPE 2” which is an awareness campaign on preventing school dropout and street children. She is also actively organizing many events through Sukhawati Store Foundation for the students of Bansighat Slum and a “Brain Parlour” a brain exercising session in schools. https://glocalkhabar.com/supriya-maharjan-sapkota-a-compassionate-social-worker/


These teenagers who have already started the journey to bring impact in society has already been adored nationally and has become the symbol of change. Their ideas and initiation have been recognized through Wai Wai Glocal Teen Hero platform and has motivated fellow teenagers to step out from the comfort zone to act for a change.




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