A mentorship session was recently organized for Glocal Teen Hero Alumni in order to provide them with guidance to develop themselves.

The session, centralized on the theme “The possible development after lockdown”. It started with the introduction of Guest Speaker; Prof. Ujjwal K. Chowdhary (Pro-Vice-Chancellor of ADAMAS UNIVERSITY) including Glocal Teen Hero Alumni.

Prof. Ujjwal managed to knock off the preconceived opinion of people’s humanity and disciplines over the lockdown period; he witnessed why we need to respect each other and fight together against COVID – 19. As we know; how pandemic has been leading all across the world and how it has threatened us.

He focused on new habits that needed to be adapted by all of us. He portrayed ideas on why people should engage themselves in productive learning and why it is more important to keep ourselves in self – isolation and maintain social distancing during these hard times.

He shared with participants that; this is an opportunity to use these periods to focus on self – development and reinvent ourselves through different activities. Learning what’s necessary and engaging yourself in professional activity can add new dimensions to a personal and professional life.

Many of us are using this lockdown period to learn new skills and explore their hobbies. The most interesting thing is people are adapting new skills of digitization. As a result of the pandemic; people have learned to make themselves busy in productive things.

The discussion emphasized the possible development and ways to reinvent yourself through different ideas and initiation. At the end of the session, the enthusiastic members were given a chance to put forward their ideas to develop themselves in this lockdown period. The members were excited to share their initiation and get guidance from the expert to unlock their entrepreneurial energy.

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