Aanand Kumar Sahani

Child Right Activist

    Name: Aanand Kumar Sahani
    Age: 17
    Title: Child Right Activist
    Current Organization Involvement: Bal Club, Janakpur
    Email: aanandsahani67@gmail.com
    Address: Janakpur
    Affiliated University: Model Multiple College, Janakpur

    Mr. Aanand Kumar Sahani is a passionate Social Activist from Janakpur. He is currently studying in grade 12 at Model Multiple College. Mr. Kumar is actively working on Child Right Field from 2016. He has been providing awareness on Dowry system, Child labor and Untouchability through different activities like Street Drama, Inter-School Competitions, Motivational event and Advertisement.

    Through Bal club, he has been organizing different programs and campaigns to provide awareness on dowry system, child marriage, untouchability and child labor. He is impelled to eradicate the burning child issues and help children’s to give preferable life. He has also collaborated with different NGOs and INGOs of his district and working for the Child Rights.

    He was able to eliminate Child marriage, Child labor, Dowry System, Untouchability in his community through various of activities. He has also been conducting planting program once in a month to contribute to the society for the better environment.

    Mr. Sahani has been selected as a Glocal’s 20under20 of 2019 as an early change maker below the age of 20 from the nation. His dedication towards society has given a better life for the children who haven’t been getting the rights they deserve. The work he has been doing has marked himself as a game changer and one of the inspirational teenagers of the nation.
    His vision is to make his community Child Friendly Local Governance (CFLG) and expand his endorsement all over Nepal to end child issues. He also wants to continue his both professional and academic career hand in hand.

    Updated: 2019/Oct/9