Bishnu Mijar

Social Activist

    Name: Bishnu Mijar
    Age: 19 years
    Title: Social Activist
    Organization Involvement: 1. Dalit Yakata Sanjal Sindhupalchok
    2. Nepalese students club, Sindhupalchok
    Address: Sindhupalchowk
    Affiliated University: GP Koirala Memorial community College, Kathmandu

    Mr. Bishnu Mijar is a passionate Social Activist from SindhuPalchowk. Currently he is working to eradicate caste discrimination in his community. He himself has initiated a project called “Ma Dalit?” and has got support from 12 different local bodies. Bishnu is also involved in “Sabai Ko laagi Guranstariya” (QualityEducation) to help the disabilities and Dalits students. From last 3 years he has been actively working in a social sector for a cause.
    His campaign ‘Ma dalit?‘ runs various awareness programs on the discrimination against minorities in his community. Bishnu organizes and himself participates in different events which uplifts the Dalit Community and Dalit Children. Likewise, his next project of “Sabai Ko laagi Guranstariya Sikshya“(Quality Education for all) helps Dalit children and children with handicapped parents. Through this project, along with his team he provides scholarships to children from collective fund in collaboration with different schools. Till now, they have successfully collaborated with 10 local schools.

    Through his campaigns and projects, he is able to bring awareness and reduce caste discrimination in his community. His initiation has helped marginalized children of his community to get the quality education with proper rights. Bishnu’s work has been accepted by different local bodies and has become a voice to solve the problem of Dalit Community.
    Bishnu Mijar is one of the 20 brightest teenagers of the nation. His enthusiasm towards bringing impact in society has recorded him as one of the Glocal’s 20under20 of 2019 Batch. His work has given hope to get justice in society.
    Bishnu wants to expand his campaign ‘Ma Dalit?’ all over Nepal to eradicate the caste discrimination and work on Dalit rights.

    Updated: 2019/Oct/9