Samarth Jha

Social Activist

    Name: Samarth Jha
    Age: 15 years
    Title: Social Activist
    Address: Biratnagar
    Affiliated School: DAV School, Biratnagar
    Affiliated Organization: 1. Word Wings,
    2. Purwanchal Bal Sewa Ashram

    Mr. Samarth Jha is a social activist from Biratnagar. He has initiated a 4 months Mental Math training program in Purwanchal Bal Sewa Ashram to teach students how to use and calculate on abacus. He also teaches different Vedic math’s techniques, which helps them to solve Arithmetic problems very quickly and easily.
    He is continuously been working to create an impact in his society and help vulnerable children by conducting various mental Maths workshops, motivational programs and Mental Maths Training Program. He was also a part of “Cricket for Equality” and played an important role in promotion of Gender Equality by being a part of it.
    Samarth has been training students to use and calculate on abacus through Mental Math. Along with mental math, he has also taught Vedic maths to solve arithmetic problems easily. These trainings for students will enhance the mental and logical thinking of the students.

    Next, He has also participated in a National level competition held by UCMAS where he won the first prize among 4000 students. Additionally, He has also a group of five friends where they organize motivational programs in schools.

    Through his Mental Maths workshop, students were able to calculate sums on abacus without any problems. Carrying on with it some of the students has started doing calculations mentally which inevitably helped them in their exams.

    He was also able to create a lasting impact in the lives of the students and has given a new level of confidence to the students. He was able to improve visioning skills and cognitive thinking of the students. Fellow teenagers of his community have inspired by his work. Through his training and programs, he is able to spread positive messages in society, that children of his age also can conduct different programs and motivated to indulge in extracurricular activities.

    His vision towards changing the lives of students has brought a great impact in society. The work he has been doing improves a learning technique of students. Samarth Jha was selected as one of the Glocal’s 20under20 of 2019 Batch and has been recognized for his work to improve the perception of students and uplift their skills in mathematics..

    Samarth wants to continue his work and expand his Mental Math workshops to more schools including both government and private schools throughout the nation to help young people learn the skills of mathematics.

    Updated: 2019/Oct/9