Shivu Pandey

Public Speaker

    Name: Shivu Pandey
    Age: 19 years
    Title: Public Speaker
    Address: Rupandehi
    Affiliated University: Tilottama Higher Secondary School
    Organization Affiliated: Nepal Teen Leader

    Mr. Shivu Pandey from Rupandehi is an IT student and “white hat” hacker at IT Industries also a mentor, executives on both the theory and hands-on practical of social engineering. He is currently working as a public speaker about latest technology in rural areas schools.
    Mr. Shivu has provided Cyber Security awareness and Practical Real-time 8 plus workshops including Colleges, Schools, and other Institutions. He has also provided useful information about ethical hacking with convenient insights about hacking, virus and various terminologies in ethical hacking.

    Shivu is providing a Cyber Security awareness and Practical Real-time 8 plus workshops for Colleges, Schools and other Institutions.

    He also does the latest hacking techniques that educate and inform while keeping people on the edge of their seats. Through which he wants to provide security awareness in different schools where there is lack of awareness about the latest technology.
    He has been able to help the students of different society to evaluate and improve their thinking on cyber security. Through research and analytical skills, he has uncovered and correct the inefficiencies through which it has brought a positive impact in society and among students. His awareness program has helped to aware the students regarding cybercrimes.

    Shivu Pandey was selected as one of the early change makers of the nation. The work impact that he has brought for students and to solve the burning technical issues has listed him to the Glocal’s 2ounder20 of 2019 Batch.

    He aspires to build the digital Nepal and wants to strengthen cyber security of Nepal. He is also planning to initiate a startup that can help people via technology.