Mr.Syed Al Farabi is one of The Royal Corridor’s co-founders. It is a youth-led organization with the mission of providing a pathway or platform for Bangladeshi youth to discover and pursue their passions. He is also an accomplished basketball player and a passionate public speaker. He enjoys writing a lot. Many of his writings and materials have appeared in national newspapers and magazines. His content production home called “Farabi’s Anecdotes”, is also a dream place for him. He shares his contents which are in quest of making people know about his anecdotes and giving them a chance to share their ones.

Farabi is one of the Speakers for the “Entrepreneurship Panel” at Wai Wai Presents Glocal International Teen Conference, 2021. To Know more about him, below you can read his inspiring stories;

You are a Co-founder of The Royal Corridor, how did you come up with the idea to initiate it into the action?

Actually back in September 2020, I along with my friends from different Cadet Colleges were on vacation. So, we planned to do something online to reduce our boredom. From that concept, we transformed a Facebook page and named it “The Royal Corridor “. The reason behind such a name is, in my cadet college, we have a place named “Store Corridor”. Basically, it is a corridor with a rostrum, desk, chair, and open space where practices are conducted by our senior brothers before any inter-stage competitions. And, many of our friends, seniors, and even juniors nourished their speaking skills, debating, and many other soft skills through that corridor. For that reason, we named our organization” The Royal Corridor”.  We started with a simple idea of working only in Literature. Then we thought of exceeding our horizon and creating a platform for students of Bangladesh.

At what age did you start public speaking?

I started doing public speaking at the age of 15 where I participated in an open public speaking contest at 12th National Debate Fest 2019 organized by National Debate Foundation Bangladesh.

What is that one thing that keeps you motivated?

The thing that always drives me and keeps me motivated is my past.I had moments when I became the last position holder in an inter- speaking contest. Apparently, those failures started to fuel me for chasing bigger dreams. So, my failures or setbacks always motivate me, and hope so it will continue in the days to come.

In Farabi’s Anecdotes, what kind of contents do you create?

Okay, thank you for the question. Farabi’s Anecdotes is a dream place for me where I share my stories. I started making content regularly from the first day of 2021. I make content about Extra-Curricular activities, MUN, writings, communication skills, and so on. I also try to make some vlogs that are quite attached to my life.

How do you define “Age Is Just A Number”? And What are the keys or reasons behind your success?

In Bangladesh, we have a tendency to start something after 25 or 26. But, things are changing rapidly as we are now in the modern era. I will define “Age is just a number “ with a simple thing that is whenever I make contents, people comment about my university year. But, apparently I am still a high school senior. I think, if you have the potential to shine, no matter what your age is, you can be different from people at your same age.

Well, at first I don’t want to title my accomplishments as “Success”. But , definitely I am grateful for what I have achieved till now. 

So, the reasons for my accomplishments are;

  • I was stubborn, like whenever I used to fail in a random stage competition, I locked my mind for achieving greater results in the next one. I think, this mentality of overthinking and putting yourself in the ring of pressure helped me.
  • I study in a boarding school under the supervision of Bangladesh Military, so here we follow strict regimental life. My cadet college and all my teachers definitely was one of the key factors.
  • My parents, cause they always prioritized co-curricular activities. When I asked my mother to do MUN at such tender age with more than 35 dollars, they never disagreed despite having financial setbacks.
  • I think my social handles. My social feeds, status actually set up in a decent manner. For example, Facebook algorithm and google knows that I am a freak of events, seminars, MUN etc activities, so they tend to show me more opportunities where I can explore.
  • I used to search for opportunities and I have a good command of networking. Like, I never hesitate to ask my seniors, alumni or anyone about any help related to any competition or soft skills.
  • Last but not the least, The Royal Corridor. Actually, I saw this organization to grow from a small entity to a family of 50,000 thousand all over social handles. So, definitely this organization which I founded was is a reason of my success.
What is your future goal?

My future goals are more like weekly or daily goals. Right now, if you ask me, I have an intention to participate in the International Public Speaking Competition 2022, which is generally arranged by English Speaking Union. But I don’t know whether it will happen or not in this pandemic. I want to make a career in corporate fields or tech management. I have a dream to travel the world. So, in the end, I want to do something for my country and also I don’t want to stop my chase towards my dream. If you ask about The Royal Corridor, then surely we have projects to come. We want that, our organization will have its own office with some dedicated people working for this platform. We want to launch our application where students will get navigation about soft skill learning centers easily. This idea will be like Uber or Gokada of soft skill, cultural or extra-curricular activity learning. Like, we ask for rides at Uber, in our application, we will ask for learning centers.We would be launching our website and blog soon. 

And, we are trying to establish our physical campaign, TRC connects where we will try to visit remote schools of Bangladesh. We want those students to expose their hidden talents, or co-curricular activity to know, learn and express themselves. My dream is one day Every student and youth of Bangladesh will get the freedom of learning, practicing, and showcasing any co-curricular activity, soft skill besides mainstream education without any sort of social, demographical, or financial hurdles.

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