Sometimes it is hard for parents to determine what is beneficial for teens; and the teens themselves are unable to recognize how they can be able to learn more and gain more knowledge regarding a lot of things. Technology can come in handy for any teenagers if they want to have more insight about the world around them, make new friends, learn different skills and many more. However, the downside is that teens spend endless hours scrolling through their social media and playing games which can feel more like a burden than a benefit. But in today’s challenging world, technology plays a vital role in the lives of teenagers.

Benefits of technology 

Technology is increasingly becoming an essential part of our lives. At present users can collect all sorts of information very easily by using the Internet which makes life simpler and amusing. The Internet helps people to find their jobs and get information about companies very easily. They can communicate freely with anyone in all over the world. 

During the time of a pandemic where there is a high chance of people feeling lonely, teenagers cannot socialise enough than they would otherwise. Technology has brought them and their friends together. They play online games together, discuss how their day was and what new things to try together through social media. It has made them feel less lonely and more connected not only to their friends, but all the people around the world. They can share ideas and stories. 

They can learn a lot of problem solving skills through social media. Just typing up the problem that occurs in life on YouTube or at Google makes even the hardest things possible. And it is possible for them to learn a lot from that platform as well. As innovative applications and technology advancements develop, a teen applies the rudiments of problem-solving to each new hurdle that will later pay off in the real world. They become more creative when it comes to a lot of real life skills as well as online or virtual skills. 

A lot of interactive creativity flourishing platforms are as well available. Many apps that allow you to upload your artwork, poems, songs, dance or any pictures or videos make you have a chance to win a prize or simply to flourish your creativity. Oftentimes, these apps and websites also provide you cash prizes for winning or for being the most creative at anything. 

Impacts of technology!

Connecting with a lot of friends makes you more lively and inspires you to do more in your life. Seeing their creativity, their work, what they are doing in life inspires every teens to do something impactful as well. 

Technology further provides them with a sense of belonging. Connecting with friends and regularly having great conversations is very impactful to one’s life as it makes them feel less alone and more connected. 

Hence, technology has indeed allowed people to flourish further and has given a sense of togetherness among everyone. 


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