Teenagers are the future of our society mainly because they are the most active, youthful, and open-minded individuals. Teenagers are the most powerful and vulnerable part of society. We believe teenagers of this generation have fresh opinions and an open mind despite being considered immature. Almost always, they will have an optimistic outlook.

Teenagers are capable of discovering and inventing many things which can lead a country on the path to sustainability. Every teenager wants to accomplish something positive that will have an impact on society and spread positivity across the country. Additionally, teenagers who contribute to society have formed a chain of learning that impacts them.

An Effortful Platform

A teenager’s development is influenced by grabbing the best opportunity to discover his or her hidden talent. In today’s competitive world, networking is a priority for everyone. Panel discussions are a great way to achieve this. There are several ways for teenagers to explore their interests based on their needs. Likewise, In Nepal, Glocal International Teen Conference is conducted every year. It is a conference for teenagers where teenagers from around the world gather to find the solution for global issues. It is an initiative launched by Glocal Pvt. Ltd to give teens a platform to share existing ideas and generate new ones. GITC is a fantastic platform to share your ideas, initiation, insights, perspectives, and experience, side by side, reflecting on world affairs and impacts based on teenagers and youth.

In addition to allowing you to empower yourself and others, GITC’s plenary will also allow you to hear from people of your age and those who have achieved milestones in their careers. During this experience, you will create your own story through hearing others, and your new adventure will commence with this experience. 

GITC is one of the many opportunities for teenagers to jump into this pool and at the end of the day, Teens are for the Win. So, Hurry up! Here is an amazing opportunity for all teenagers from around the globe who can take up the roles as Speaker or Presenter in Glocal International Teen Conference. GITC focuses on three major issues;

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Empowerment
  • Socio- Perspective

Thus, being a part of the conference teenagers pave a path of networking and opportunities for themselves and invite a better future ahead.

For more Details:

To apply as a Speaker: https://bit.ly/gitcspeaker

To apply as a Presenter: https://bit.ly/gitcpresenter

You can also nominate passionate teenagers whom you know.

To Nominate: https://bit.ly/gitcnominate

Visit the website for more information: https://glocalteenhero.com/conference/



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