Vaibhav Nahata is a passionate teen who is the CEO of “Success Society International”. He is an International Trainer and Speaker who has touched live from 51+ countries. He runs his inspirational TV show called, “Being Champions with Vaibhav Nahata” where he interacts with achievers from around the globe to inspire the young aspirant. Mr. Nahata has touched over 1,20,000 lives as an international speaker, bringing breakthroughs in lives. He inspires youths to believe in action and act for a global change.

Below you can read his inspirational conversation that will motivate you to believe in action.

At what age you started public speaking?

My story is completely different from the others. Some singers started to sing in their childhood, some actors were involved in acting from childhood, but my story is different. I felt this would be my career when I came back from Calcutta. I felt like I could do something for public speaking. My friends asked me what happened. “As I gave my first speech in front of everyone everybody was surprised and appreciated it.” They were motivated. Motivation is temporary. I realized when you love what you do you don’t have to work anymore.

What is that one thing that keeps you motivated?

I was a boy who was made fun of by my friends all the time. I was like a toyboy for my friends, but I always have deep inside that I would be someone one day people will be inspired and get motivated. And I feel like if you don’t give your hundred percent now, there is only one thing to regret in the future. I don’t want to regret it in the future. People don’t give you damn when you come on this earth and die with nothing. If I am born as a human, I wouldn’t forgive myself if I live a life not giving a hundred percent this is the biggest motivation for me.

How you started your journey as a TV a presenter?

It began quite unexpectedly. Sometimes I get motivation myself by watching videos. As I have told you motivation is temporary, that’s why whenever I get motivated, I quickly write down all my plans. Then I searched on the internet and grabbed an opportunity. One day I got to know about the news portal in Biratnagar called- “Our Biratnagar. Net”. Then I took my bicycle and traveled for 7 hours and asked one of the members for a job. I didn’t have any experience and any topic. But they were generous enough, so they gave me some work. After that, I went to Makalu Television to ask for work. I asked him to run a TV show. At that time, I didn’t have any work experience or any preparation. I was lucky that they gave me the opportunity. In this way, my TV career has started.

How do you define “Age Is Just A Number”? And What are the keys or reason behind your success?

In 2017, I attended a conference as a participant. I don’t know why; while attending the conference I felt one day I would be there on the stage. No matter if I would be depressed, I will never stop visualizing dreams. This became one of my dreams to have pictures on a broader screen and speak in front of a mass of people. Later in 2019, I was selected as a speaker of the Glocal International Teen Conference and shared my experience in a larger audience.

What is your future goal?

There is a wonderful quote of Acharya Shri Tulsi – “Jo jo kadam badengey aagey swotaha marg ban jayega”. I always believe that it’s wonderful to have a vision. If you did it yourself on a road map. You may lose track someday because your priority list may change. So, planning a lot of times can get messed up sometimes. Thus, vision is the thing inside of us that guides us. It creates a desire to grow and improve.

I am working on creating an online course, at the same time we are collaborating with schools and have started “Super Champ”, which is a 3-month champion skilled transformation for students where they learn about confidence, public speaking, in completely different ways. There is ground around that 30% of speaking 40% of personal mentorship 20% of activities, 40% of personal mentorship, and 40% of activities. Thus, students can learn and enjoy from this way. This is a primary project and I am looking forward to expanding it.

The second episode of the “Teenspire” Live Session was conducted by Glocal Pvt. Ltd and was live-streamed by the Glocal Teen Hero Facebook page. Mr. Ajay Pandey (IT Manager of Glocal Pvt. Ltd) was the host of the session.


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