Zafar Waseem is an enthusiastic Youth activist from Pakistan. He has a keen interest in public speaking, sports, and Music. He believes that public speaking is a powerful persuasion tool for changing people’s minds.

Zafar has already served as the Ambassador for Roots Millennium School in the National Debating Session and has hosted Poetry Function at Root Millennium, 2018. He is Author and Public Speaker at Youth Parliament, Debate Council member of the Community Activity Service Team and Pakistan Red Crescent Society serving the community. Additionally, He was also one of the International Speakers for the Glocal International Teen Conference, 2019.

Currently, he is the Student Ambassador at PM Youth Program and United States Educational Foundation in Pakistan. He is serving as a President Youth at 4-H, whose objective is to provide mentors, learning opportunities, and a sense of belonging to ALL children. During the pandemic; he has been supporting people by providing food and other necessary items especially the marginalized and disenfranchised.

He works as a Mortgage Loan Originator for Firststep Communications, which serves the Financial Services and Communications industries in the United States with world-class offshore coherent Customer Contact, Lead Generation, BPO, Marketing, Advertising, and Trade solutions.

Similarly, he has been involved in various projects for the betterment of society and his work has been appreciated both Nationally and Internationally. Zafar has always been energetic and actively working in the field of activism, with the goal of discovering himself. Millions of youths have been motivated by him to believe in action and to take action for the betterment of society. He aspires to do something big, something positive that can make a huge impact in society or for the nation.

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