Ms. Anugraha Ghale is an 18-year-old Social Entrepreneur from Lalitpur. Currently, She has been leading her own startup called “Gharmai Productions” which aims to foster new and relevant opportunities for emerging artists. Her business has been highlighted on a number of social media channels. 

Likewise, She is aiming to bring mental revolution in Nepal through thought-provoking artistic merchandise. Her work here is primarily engaged with helping freelancers find their voices in the global art world. Also, She has been assisting minorities in finding representation through a subsidiary brand under Gharmai Productions. Augraha has been donating her official earnings from Gharmai Productions towards supporting the dream project of an artist based in Nepal.

Aside from that, she is a dedicated filmmaker. Anugraha created a Youtube channel at the age of ten, where her flims are both educational and encouraging to watch. She currently uses Instagram to share her creativity (poems, rap, songs, originals, covers, and films).

Apart from this, She has helped the local kids from a rural area in Dhading to learn beyond schooling and identify the injustice they have been facing. In the future; She dreams of introducing an artistic revolution in Nepal and wishes to bring key changes in remote places of Nepal. 

Anugraha Ghale has been selected as a “Glocal’s 20under20 of 2021 Batch” as an early change-maker throughout the nation. Glocal’s 20 under 20 is an umbrella title for 20 early change-makers, who are teenagers from diverse fields, stepping out to create an impact in the society. 


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