We may think procrastination is natural but No. In fact, procrastination is voluntarily-willingly delaying the task that we are responsible for. Don’t mistake it for laziness because the difference says, laziness is an act of unwillingness – the opposite of procrastination. 

This is the challenge faced by every one of us. We are ignoring, delaying, or intentionally avoiding our task assuming we have much time and will complete it at the last minute. We often behave so recklessly no matter how important the job is and productive it is. 

In short, not completing the task in a given time frame and voluntarily avoiding procrastination. And, the reason for procrastination varies. Maybe the reason could be the negativity around you, or the bad mood, stress, insecurity, and so on. 

However, one can strongly stop procrastinating right at the moment. 

Tips to avoid procrastination,

Small the task, sometimes the workload makes us procrastinate. And, when the time frame to complete is longer we actually end up doing the same. Instead of, Piling the work to the last moment, it is better to small the task and complete them one by one.

Know the present self and the future self. Because the future self wants an outcome, the achievement whereas the present self requires determination and hard work to achieve the future self. 

But the fact is, the present self wants instant results and outcomes which is impossible. Assuming we have a lot of time to get there, we avoid the time frame for execution. But having an idea of where to begin and end helps to stop. 

Hold yourself Accountable, the accountability can help to complete the targeted goals. This emphasizes being on the boundary of self-discipline. Accountability makes you responsible for your input and output. 

Organize your task, the organized task removed distractions. The detailed timeline and organized task create an interest in performing the desired job at the required pace. 

Focus and attention, being attentive and focusing on our task make it easier to complete. This will help you to identify that you can finish the task easily within time. Purposeful work and attentive nature help to avoid procrastination. 

However, there is no easy and fast rule. But your focus and attention and determination toward your goal can help you. Be kind to yourself and grab a paper each time and then increase the numbers accordingly.


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