Some plans work and we get good results whereas some ideas get limited in our mind frame only. No matter, how strategically we try to execute, we end up stressing and hassling. We try over and over, but we still feel stuck in the middle of the ground.

Happening to this is normal, but staying quiet and calm, feeling exhausted, and de-motivated isn’t fine. We should always look toward our next step. If this isn’t happening – what’s the fault, where is the mistake, how can we improve, plan and execute efficiently, etc, are the few questions to ask yourself. 

The ways to look into,

Lack of Clarity, Maybe your processed idea isn’t working because you haven’t properly identified what your end goals are or, the reason behind doing this. The lack of clarity can easily hamper any brilliant ideas. 

Unrealistic, Our plans and the team of analyzation should be realistic so that we can hold and stand longer to achieve. Transparency and realistic performance matter to achieve. We shouldn’t be limited to only the table conversation. 

Lack of Prioritization, the priority shows the important task that needs to be completed and the task that can be kept on hold. Maybe the lack of prioritization is the reason behind getting stuck in middle. 

However, these are the few reasons that your desired plan isn’t effective but you can work out to make this happen. Inspect every moving step, prioritize the list, and implement it effectively. Apart, you can also use your other sources to check whether the idea you’re working on is effective or not. And for this, an open mind is very important. 

  • Open mind where you can think creatively and look after all the possibilities and potentiality to grab. Getting fresh perspectives and working on them can really be helpful. 
  • Break the old thinking and working patterns if that isn’t working, establish a new perspective and work on that, make some research and build some connections. Also, sometimes thinking in reverse and rethinking the problem can help in giving new segments of solving. Think upside down, to get a new approach to the problem. 
  • Well, Believing in yourself and your idea is very important. Sometimes lack of confidence can make you feel stressed. Therefore, have faith that your idea will come true. Be optimistic about your performance and execution. Trust your team and delegation. And, soon your ineffective idea will turn out to be effective. 

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