Mr. Lucky Sah, 20under20, Glocal Teen Hero Nepal 2022, is an 18-year-old creative Robot & Tech enthusiast from Mahottari. His ultimate goal is to be a successful engineer and serve those young enthusiasts who are interested in tech but are facing different problems to come forward.


He is a Secretary and founding member of the Young Scientist Community. And, also involved in Baliyo ventures. His journey in robotics started at the age of 14. He started making different projects related to robots in grade nine when he was selected for World Robotics Olympiad 2018, in Thailand. He was fortunate to represent Nepal competing with around 84 other nations. Slowly he started teaching his friends and juniors in his school.
Explaining his work, he adds, “Young scientist community is an open platform for young enthusiast where students interested in the tech field joins and we work together on different projects. We also guide and support each other in this group. None of us in this community are professionals. We share our knowledge and ideas with each other. We also provide free robotics and AI training.”

“Similarly, Baliyo Venture is a group where we make different real-time projects. We make different sorts of machines over here according to the requirement. We also make those machines which should be bought from other countries.”
Also, he has attended different international conferences and Global challenges that include NASA Space App Challenge, Tech Fest- IIT Bombay, and many more. He has also organized robotics classes for the people around him.


His work has created an impact on the field of tech by providing assistance to needed ones. His work provided exposure to competition and a platform for the future generation. Provided free training to students interested in the tech field.

He also mentions, “Recently we have also organized a program name “Talk with Technophile” in National Innovation Center where we called different Technophiles of our county and discussed different problems related to robotics in our country and also, its solutions.”

Young Scientist Community will be soon organizing free robotics training for different schools in order to bring up some new minds in the robotics field and also to promote the robotics industry of Nepal.

He believes he changed the mindset of people. We wish him the best in his future endeavor.

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