“ Hi” or a “ Hello” sounds such a simple word, right? But at times these simple words might be too difficult to speak. 

Remember this, every person we have in our life was once a stranger to us and we knew nothing about them until and unless we had our first conversation with them.

So, here today we will look into why are Conversation important and its relation to teenagers.

Why is conversation important?

A conversation is an adventure. Every conversation we have creates a link and the more conversation we have we tend to build a worldwide web of networking. 

Most often, we hesitate to initiate any sort of conversation or be a part of it because we are scared enough about the reciprocation we might receive, and a lot of times it acts as a floodgate.

“ Floodgate” might be a very unfamiliar term for many of us but we practice this in our everyday life. When we want to talk but something stops us right there in our vocal chord, it’s called floodgate. Our hesitation, inferiority complex, and too many thoughts sometimes accumulate and then act as a floodgate to initiate a conversation.

Conversation can build a war or peace, it all depends on when, why, and how we do it.

Teenagers and conversation

A popular saying says “Young People need to be asked what matters, not be told what matters.”

Teenagers, the powerhouse of the population, have a very beautiful connection with conversation. The involvement and representation of teenagers in conversation that matters give a whole new perspective to the matter and the teenagers as well.

The conversation opens the door, door to opportunities and perspectives. Teenagers are the most powerful yet the most vulnerable part of the population that are usually unheard and kept aside thinking they are immature but we believe teenagers for the generation have fresh opinions and open minds who will most of the time have unbiased and optimistic thoughts.

The conversation thus is the only way where teenagers get to put their thoughts and themselves out and loud in the crowd. Either that be with our family, friends, or any strangers, we need to learn to open our floodgates and let the conversation flow.

Every stranger carries a story and each story holds experience, learning, and opinions. We are able to initiate a Hi or a Hello with a stranger, we are EAR to a new experience which leads to new learning.

In today’s world of competition and proficiency, networking has been a priority to everyone around and conversation is the way we build it. Taking opportunities that lead to meeting new people and hearing new experiences enables a teenager to create a loop of networks from a very young age. 

Thus, being a part of the conversation that matters, is teenagers paving a path of networking and opportunities for themselves and inviting a better future ahead.

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