We probably all agree that team failure is a tough pill to swallow. But the truth is that it’s also an inevitable part of achieving something.

“Failing Forward” is one of the concepts that is barely discussed among the people. We are often taught “Failure is our way to success” or “If you want to succeed you need to learn to fail “but is failing your way to success or is failing forward your roadway?

What is the failing forward?

A book by John C. Maxwell defines failing forward as a stepping stone for success

We take various opportunities and chances in our everyday life and it’s not that we always succeed in that, we fail, we may fail a lot of times. But, do we ever realize that we might have failed forward?

Yes, failing forward means you might not have succeeded but you have learned something from the risk you made and the opportunities you took. 

When we try something and then don’t end up achieving that but learned something out of it then we call it failing forward. We failed but forward.

Failing forward and Teenagers

While growing up we were never much prepared for failing either that be in our classroom or a football ground or a dance competition or even at having food at home we were expected to come first. Never we realized that the ultimate goal of life is to become a winner without failing.

“Embrace Failure To Launch Forward”

Accepting failures is usually a traumatizing phase of life especially for young people who have their entire life in front of them. Only, if we were taught that it’s okay to fail but FAIL FORWARD, our path of success would have been more optimistic, isn’t it?

Especially during teenage life, we are vulnerable and we are able to shape our mindset in the way we prefer to be. Additionally, this age is the time we try to set a path for ourselves by taking opportunities and taking risks and during such times we need to learn to accept and remember that “Forward Ever, Backward Never “.

Forward Ever, Backward Never “might sound like a nursery rhyme but this can be a Mantra for acceptance and making failure your friend but the failure that is taking you forward. Thus, don’t be afraid to fail but be optimistic about failing forward.


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