Ms. Dipisha Bhujel is an energetic and young activist. She has been working in the fields of menstruation, women’s empowerment, and gender equality for the past six years. She has worked to raise awareness about menstrual hygiene management among school students and youths of various ages and gender identities.

One Step Towards Journey

Dipisha started her journey at a very young age. She had started volunteering at the  time of the earthquake in psychosocial counselling. At that time, she had seen the condition of women which made her realize to work in the field of women empowerment. 

She worked on a menstruation initiative in 2018 as part of a program that required her to form teams and complete a project for which they chose to work on menstruation. They started sharing the stories of people’s first menstruation experience. Apart from that, she has conducted programs related to menstruation in different parts of the country in various schools and villages. 

Dipisha is also involved in a project called “My Period Story” that promotes menstrual health among teenagers under JCYCN. She and a friend founded the organization “Cherubic” to promote mental health.

She works for the Association of Youth Organizations Nepal as a Youth Campaigner, encouraging more young people to participate in good governance and democracy. Through her work & effort, she created a Child-Friendly Environment that included educating orphanage children about their rights, rescuing girls who had been abused, and teaching about menstrual health and hygiene.

Currently, Dipisha is working for NIDISI on the Menstruation Project. The project aims to manufacture biodegradable menstrual pads using locally available Nepalese resources, as well as providing education on menstruation to youths across Nepal through our awareness campaign. 

Dipisha has been sharing her experience to inform people about the issues related to Menstrual Hygiene. Also, she has been raising her voice for menstrual health & hygiene through a podcast or different social mediums. Dipish has initiated big steps to make people aware.

She also has been awarded with “Zonta International Young Women in Public Affairs Award 2020” for her amazing work. She was one of the 10 international recipients of the award. Her dedication and exuberance for making a positive impact in society has recognized her as one of Glocal’s 20under20 of 2018.

She is also a Young Feminist Champion at Visible Impact, where she has been engaged in advocacy for the inclusion of marginalised youths in the Beijing +25 and generation Equality forum-related processes.


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