Imagine the day when you graduate from high school, completing your +2 and holding your certificates in your hands, and you are perplexed by the opportunities that await you. But you are still indecisive about which journey you should take. What decision will you make?

You will have the most difficult time deciding on a career because there will be hundreds of options available to you. When you ask your seniors, they will tell you to “follow your passion.” Another thought that may come to mind at the same time is, “What am I passionate about?”.Your undiscovered and lost version is reflected there.

When it comes to choosing a career field, everyone tells you that all you have to do is follow your PASSION. Have you ever considered what it is that you are passionate about? Why is it so important to learn? What is the best way to approach it? 

First and foremost, you should determine what you are passionate about. You should be clear in your mind that passion is not the same as your interests or hobbies. Hobbies are the interests that you pursue the purpose of relaxation, whereas passion is your obsession with it. 

Steve Jobs rightly explained that “The only way you do great work is what you love to do.” As a result, passion can be defined as a combination of what you appreciate doing and what you excel at. Something you care about must elicit excitement in you every time you do it. It gives you a great sense of pleasure and enthusiasm to allocate yourself to it.

“What am I passionate about?” should be another question to consider. Passion is not something that can be developed overnight; rather, it is developed over time through actions associated with yourself. You should never limit yourself to your areas of expertise. The only limit should be the sky. So get out of your comfort zone and try something new.

You may wonder, “Why is it so important to follow your passion?” Following your passion will undoubtedly help you discover your life’s purpose. Following your passion will reveal something about you that you can contribute to the world as a payback, whether you realize it or not. This will, in a real sense, fulfill your reason for being. In this fast-paced world, where everyone is scrambling to maintain their identity, your hard work, dedication, and passion can help you establish a distinct identity. It is something that brings a person great joy, the remaining happiness will be your reward. And amid this chaotic life situation, where struggle, challenges, and hustle have left a person destitute of hope. Following your passion will bring you joy, happiness, and eagerness in life. 

In addition, today’s teenagers appear to be more perplexed and are brewing themselves to discover what is best. It is just as important to discover your passion. Especially for those teenagers who have a strong desire to do and achieve something, you should begin your journey of discovering your strengths right now. 

So teens follow your passion, find your good pace and shine to build an empire!


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