Are you a teenager? Do you want to showcase your creativity, initiation and your work on a global platform? Here is Glocal Teen Hero Sri Lanka 2021 for you.

What is a Glocal Teen Hero?

Glocal Teen Hero is a recognition platform which recognizes teenager’s initiation, creativity and enthusiasm in achieving sustainable goals. It is an initiation of Glocal Pvt. Ltd (a business enterprise working in the field of skill, education and entrepreneurship) to celebrate the teenagers who are doing beyond academics and are active to create a positive effect in their society. The major purpose of this intervention is to inspire and empower teenagers to venture outside of their comfort zones, be innovative, and develop entrepreneurial thinking. 

With the aim to initiate Glocal Teen Hero in all over South Asia, Glocal is bringing this opportunity to Sri Lankan Teenagers for their encouragement and development. GTH Sri Lanka aims to empower teenagers and give them an opportunity to lead their endeavors, motivate them to dream big, and always follow their hearts and passion. It is a great platform for teenagers to network with delegates from various industries in Sri Lanka. This is a lifetime opportunity for the Sri Lankan teenagers who believe in the work they do and are ready to put their vision and mission to the world.  

Glocal Teen Hero Sri Lanka is the second country to host the Glocal Teen Hero Franchise after India. In order to encourage teenagers across South Asia and recognize their initiation, Glocal Teen Hero has been leading the search for fantastic teenagers.

Ms. Menuri Sachintha Kodikara was the First ever Glocal Teen Hero – Sri Lanka, 2020. Menuri is 16 years old activist; awarded with the high international award of appreciation ‘Volunteer Service Leader’ by Sri Lanka United Nations Friendship Organization. She has also been selected for the 1st International SDG action camp. She is an Asian and Commonwealth bronze medalist, West Asia champion, National member of the World’s first SDG Children’s Parliament, the youngest Women FIDE Master in Sri Lanka. Ms. Menuri also has a record of 6 High International Awards of Appreciation for working towards SDGs. Currently, She is working for the SDGCPSL (Sustainable Development Goals Children’s Parliament of Sri Lanka) with the future short term and long term projects which help with Goal 1 and Goal 4.

Similarly, Mr. Parameswaran Praveenan, Virtual Teacher; Ms. Fazah Firnas, Innovator; Mr. Nelitha Priyawansha, Inventor; Mr. Manith Dulnim, Innovator; and Mr. Shazaan Careem, Robot Maker were the finalists of Glocal Teen Hero Sri Lanka in 2020.

At the top 6 finalists will be shortlisted for the final round of the Wai Wai Glocal Teen Sri Lanka based on their applications, resume, evidence and sustainability of their work. They were also evaluated on their innovation, achievement, and impact of their works. 

Then the finalist will be interviewed and individually judged by a jury team comprising of Mr. Lalith Piyum Perera, Chairman-National Lotteries Board; Mr. Milinda Rajapaksha, Director – Media Center For National Development; Mr. Mohamed Uvais, Chairman, Ceylon Petroleum Terminal & Storage Limited; and Mrs. Samitha Sugathimala, Program Director – Foundation for Innovative Social Development.

This year, Glocal Teen Hero Sri Lanka Award Day will be hosted virtually on December 15, 2021. On the event day, The one fantastic teenager will be titled as “Glocal Teen Hero Sri Lanka” and also be recognized as one of the Fantastic Teenagers of the Country. 

Applications for Wai Wai Glocal Teen Hero Sri Lanka has already opened to search for the fantastic teen from Sri Lanka. The deadline for the application is November 28, 2021.

For more details about the event, you can visit the official Facebook page or official website:



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