Every one of us feels stressed, you’re not alone. Stress is a part of life; unfortunately, it has been a daily diet. And, everyone experience stress at some point in life. The reason for this may be different, but we feel our muscles tighten up. 

The response to this results in loss of sleep, headaches, sweaty palms, complaining about every next task, ignoring friend circle, and declining to journal the dates. However, there are many signs of stress faced by teenagers. Sometimes stress can act as a motivational pill and the other time, it may come as disorders and attacks. 

Teenagers often get stressed about their assignments, their ideas getting rejected, the failure, the lack of consistency, and most important proving themselves within their circle and family. These are normal that we hear on daily basis. But ignoring the experience of stress can interfere with the sleeping cycle, the thinking process, and the learning journey. 

Too much stress is overwhelming. Also, the increasing screen time on social media, hyper-awareness of feelings, and the fear of missing out and losing are the main traits that have been visible. Loss of motivation, difficulty in concentration, lacking interest, ignoring the task, the tendency to sleep more often, feeling exhausted, tired, etc are a few examples that show you might be stressed and need a break to understand. So that you can work on this. 

The Tips to cope,

Acknowledge the stress, the very first step is to acknowledge the stress and the acceptance of the changes. And the trick to acknowledgment is to listen to the changes your body is showing. 

Build in regular exercise, the regular moving of your body, and a few minutes of time to your body can actually contribute towards the relaxation and calming process. 

Balance your work and ME-time, it’s true that we all are in a cat race to prove ourselves, but instead of losing yourself in this race, try to balance your work life. Try to spend some time with yourself and don’t forget to follow your passion. 

Eat and Sleep Well, the proper diet and the proper rest can help to cope better by nourishing the body and mind. Try connecting with your body in every way. 

Spend some time by following your passion, and engage yourself in activities that bring joy and pleasure to you and your mind. This will help to reduce stress and calm your mind and body. 

Surround yourself with positive people, be around the people that bring positivity in you, and energize you to work bringing a high level of motivation. 

These are a few tips for coping that you can start by accepting rather than ignoring. Don’t let your smile and hard work get buried under the stress. 


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