Mr. Aamod Paudel, 20under20, Glocal Teen Hero Nepal 2022, is an 18-year-old science & tech activist from Rupandehi. He is a minimalist skeptic who is inclined toward promoting accessible science to students with disabilities. He aspires to become a science communicator one day to advance empirical & evidence-based learning in his community. 


He is a high school graduate who is involved in various projects ranging from laboratory assessment & scientific research to virtual tutorship & nuclear detection. He has been working as a senior laboratory assistant at a community school to assist the local students to perform chemical experiments in a methodological way. Being the lead activist for accessibility projects collaborating with Creative Disabled Self Home Center, he has been researching the potentiality of AI & AR in chemistry learning. Recently, he won the prestigious Microsoft Imagine Cup Jr. for his solution to accessible science. 

Being involved in a year-long coursework related to assistive technologies for Autism under the MITRE project, he is dedicated to using such technologies for enhancing science education in Nepal. He had been actively engaged with Best One Network Education Hub facilitating entrance preparation classes for economically backward students of his community. He is also the academic advisor for Kathmandu Infosys – Butwal, where he provides higher education & standardized test resources to students outside the valley. 

This year he was also awarded the Summer Research Fellowship by Weizmann Institute, Israel to attend a summer program where he drafted and published a research paper on computational sciences collaborating with renowned professors. A few weeks ago, he also won the Phoenix Launchpad Global Challenge where he worked on biochemical analysis related to Industrial Hemp (Cannabis Sativa) for terraforming Martian surfaces. 

Elaborating on his scientific works, he adds, “My first exposure to such projects came when I was in high school working on a Uranium detection project building a Geiger Muller Counter. I became fascinated when my theoretical knowledge in nuclear chemistry could be transposed to build something practical in real life. Luckily, I was awarded the National Young Scientist Award for my efforts & my confidence grew high.”

“Currently, he is dedicated to developing animations related to thermodynamics & organic chemistry. During the pandemic, developed a series of motion graphic animations related to mathematics and provided them for free to students making learning more interactive. As students who have intellectual disability require more time comprehending scientific theories, he believes such virtual resources would aid them in some regard.”

In addition, he has attended different international & national conferences on HEP/Nuclear & Biochemical Symposiums. He also organized various educational campaigns in his local village using VR headsets & lenses.


His works & solutions have created an impact on the field of science making people more aware of rational thinking & technological advancements. He advocates for equity in scientific literacy & prioritizes educational activities for minority, needy & physically restrained students.

He adds, “Recently, I & my friends developed the first ever e-storybook platform on biological topics intended for junior kids. We believe it would excite all the kids from around the nation to be more dedicated to science. Due to our attempt, we also became the first team from Nepal to win the Global Honorable Mentions award at NASA Space App Challenge 2022.”

“Collaborating with other changemakers from around the nation, I will soon be launching a Lab bus project in which we are aiming to develop a fully functioning chemistry laboratory inside a traveling bus. The bus will be heading to various rural parts of Nepal were building a science lab isn’t possible. Such initiation would motivate every disadvantaged kid from every part of our country towards hands-on learning.”

He is passionate to continue such efforts in the upcoming days. We wish him the best in his future endeavors.

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