Quote by Bryant McGill: “Rejection is merely a redirection; a course correction to your destiny.

They also say a closed door is not a rejection. And, when one door closes, the other doors get open. It’s redirection. And, sometimes it can be the beginning to explore the journey with a new perspective. Rejection is inevitable, and that will certainly make you doubt your own skills but the reaction and action afterward can be controlled by you and your attitude. 

Rejection can be at any point in life making our life plans imbalanced. Definitely, we feel like losing, failing, and questioning our abilities and this can be the reason to feel demotivated. However, the rejection can be the redirection, redirecting our own path. 

No one of us likes to admit we are being rejected or got failed because this affects us mentally and physically. But the critical aspect is to shift your mindset from negativity towards the positive affirmations that say “you can make it again and with more strength.”

Rejection shouldn’t stop you from pitching your idea and from submitting your proposal. This is the path to learn and take it as you’re learning and improving your sets of skills effectively. It should feel like the motivation that energizes you. 

For sure, life is not about smooth sailing. But it all depends upon how you perceive the rejection. Acknowledge the mistakes, the errors, and keep working on them in order to, grab that place where you want to be. 

Because, after every rejection, you learn something new, and you get a new perspective to see the same task. Don’t forget, that you can be the solution or, the cause. However, choose wisely. Approach yourself in a different way facing challenges. 

Rejection feels personal but it’s not. And, in the journey of redirection, you will find more assurance to your task getting successful. As that is the learning phase where you are allowed to be wrong. Rejection gives us time to take a pause or break and think and revise our own set goals and objectives. This can work as a great motivation while teaching us the importance of patience.

This helps us to reevaluate and reconsider ourselves. This also creates opportunities and gives us the path of growth to consider.  

Don’t let yourself get affected by the rejection on the table, let that table knows you gonna bang it again with more confidence. 

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