In the eight-episode of Teenspire, the finalists of Wai Wai Glocal Teen Hero 2019, were invited to share their great initiation and memories of their beautiful journey of Glocal Teen Hero.

The finalists were;

Ms. Bidhi Mandal, A Passionate Entrepreneur;

Mr. Lov Panthi, A young Innovator;

Mr. Bikram Parajuli, A Dedicated Tech Educator;

Ms. Supriya Maharjan Sapkota, An Enthusiastic Social Activist;

Mr. Rachin Kalakheti, Young Technopreneur;

Below, you can read their inspirational stories and the beautiful journey of Glocal Teen Hero; 

What was your best experience at Glocal Teen Hero Journey? 

Lov Panthi: During the Glocal Teen Hero journey, I have met a lot of people and I also got a chance to make a lot of friends who are one of the best people that I know now. They help me in different things like leadership, Robotics, Computer Science, and even the smallest things. They have helped me with everything in every term. Getting to know these many close people and having a mindset that you need to do good for society is my best experience at Glocal Teen Hero. 

Supriya Maharjan: To understand my own work was very important for me and Glocal made me realize that. From Glocal Teen Hero, I got a lot of exposure that has helped me with my future work as well; I have actually learned a lot, and it is a learning platform for everyone. 

Rachin Kalakheti: During five days of the “Self Competency Development Workshop”, I have learned to communicate with professionals; which has added more experience for me. I also got a new friend circle which is very helpful for my future and I not only got the award but a platform to connect with people from everywhere. 

Bikram Parajuli: Firstly, I realized that my work is impactful after being in the top 6 finalists. During visits to different workshops, and organizations, I got to learn; How things were operated in big companies and also learned communication skills which were fruitful experiences for me. 

Bidhi Mandal: I had some life-changing opportunities both professionally and personally because of the people that I met during the Glocal Teen Hero journey. Making memories with them were some of the best experiences I had.

What are your best memories in the Glocal Teen Hero? 

Bidhi: While connecting to a lot of like-minded teenagers, some of them have actually become very close to me, and having this opportunity to make a lifetime friendship is the best memories of mine. 

Supriya: Among many, the best memory is of Dinner Night; where we made lots of national and international friends, and together we all had a lot of fun and full of conversation. 

Lov: For me, every moment is very memorable. But the best part was when talking to international delegates; getting to know their stories and how they have impacted society was very motivating. 

What challenges did you face while working and how did you overcome it? 

Rachin: While Learning programming by myself without any guidance was the hardest time. But, later I realized that things learned on my own always stick with me. 

Lov: Major problem was in terms of finances when I had to buy various resources for robotics and convincing my parents or people around me was hard too because I did not have strong support financially and no one believed me working in robotics since I was a child. I overcame that by making a Robot in Nepali and people started believing our works. 

Bikram: I had a very lack of resources, so I had to learn everything by myself. Later, when I realized I had to teach, there was a credibility problem since I did not have a proper degree. This problem was solved when I started gaining more experience in teaching and when I was also the finalist of Glocal Teen Hero-2019. 

Bidhi: People’s mindset was very traditional, and they demotivated our work. I overcame that by gaining more experiences and as people started knowing that I am doing something good for society. 

How did you manage your work and studies? 

Rachin: Being disciplined, managing time, and making a schedule was how I managed my work and studies. 

Bidhi: To manage time, for me, self-discipline is most important, and having a passion for whatever I do also helps me in time management. 

Bikram: Prioritising your most important things, minimizing your time in doing things that distract you, having fun as well as taking breaks is how I become less stressed and manage my time. 

Supriya: It’s about dedication, priorities, and understanding what is important to you that helps you manage your time. 

Lov: Going with the flow, time management, doing things accordingly is how I balance everything. Also, taking everything I do parallelly also helps a lot for me. 

A message for those applying to Glocal Teen Hero!

Supriya: No matter whatever you have done, just fill up the registration form because it’s an opportunity and it is good to never quit. 

Bidhi: Be open to learning because Glocal provides you with the best opportunity. 

Bikram: Even if you do not win, you will be motivated to do good and you will be motivating others as well to do the same. So it is better to apply. 

Lov: You will make a lot of memories since Glocal gives you the ultimate happiness. And those planning to apply should apply because your work will be recognized even if it is small. 

Rachin: If you know about Glocal Teen Hero, do apply because it means that you are more forward than others and you won’t regret it. 

“Teenspire” is a monthly series that is conducted by Glocal Pvt. Ltd. It was live-streamed through the Glocal Teen Hero Facebook page. Mr. Ajay Pandey (IT Manager of Glocal Pvt. Ltd) was the host of the session.


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