Anil is an energetic and young inventor from Jhapa who is passionate about Science, Technology, and Robotics. He has created many projects and has demonstrated them all over the schools of Bhadrapur Municipality to share his technical knowledge.

Since childhood age, he has shown his interest to know all the things related to various electronic gadgets. So whenever he got the chance, he used to break them and try to understand the functions of every part. Thus, he initiated his first project- smart phone controlled robotic car.

Anil has been doing amazing initiation to help his society. He has invented a “Bomb Disposal Robot” and “Remote Control Robot” that is used in the agricultural sector to spray pesticides and can also be used in fishing farms and paddy plantations. His other useful invention is “3rd eye project” for blind people which helps differently abled persons tackle obstacles using this device. His 3rd eye project is also called smart glass for blind people; where they can become more independent and need not to use the stick for support. Similarly, his another project- “Home Automation System” can be used to save electricity. 

He has invented an “Automatic street light system”, “Siren Drone” (for wildlife management), and many more for the welfare of the people at a very young age. For his creative invention, he has been awarded by Bhadrapur Municipality. 

Additionally, He has been involved in various projects for the betterment of society and his work has been appreciated  Nationally. He has been working in different schools of his Municipality in Bhadrapur where he shares his technical knowledge with the students. Also, he has been preparing his students to make robots and helping them to participate in different competitions representing their respective schools. He believes that many teenagers are capable of inventing many things at an early age. His dedication and enthusiasm towards bringing impact in society has made him one of the early change-makers and recognized him as one of the Glocal’s 20under20 of 2018

Anil is a very creative and hardworking youth who knows what is his passion and uses that strength to bring a change in society. His efforts to train other teenagers to create a skillful and advanced workforce is really inspiring to many of us and shares a hope that when there is a will there is a way. 

He is enthusiastic and actively working in the field of technology sectors with the intention of finding himself. He has inspired millions of teenagers to believe in action and act for the betterment of society. He dreams of doing something big, something positive change that can make a huge impact in society or for the nation. 


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