Ms. Iqra Bisma is an energetic and young social activist from Pakistan. She is a true leader who has a passion to bring a chain impact in society. Her every initiation to action has always led towards better changes. As a Social Activist; She has been leading different projects which actually has a positive impact for the childrens, teenagers and youths. 

She has worked in 15+ youth organizations and now she is working on several community service projects with organizations. She has been involved in several online sessions, training, conferences, and webinars to teach people how to become their best selves and make a difference in their zone of influence. Apart from that, she is running an online store and learning the best strategies to start a business. Currently, She is also working as a senior content writer in a start-up company. 

She has founded a society named “TALK” where she will be providing support to unheard people. During the time of the pandemic, she has brought the concept to build a society where they can provide support to people by listening to their stories. She is also a member of the Pak -US Alumni network. Till date, she has won numerous awards in speeches, debates, arts, etc on a different platform. She has been selected for some leadership development courses and entrepreneurial courses to groom herself to be a person. She presents herself as engaging people from her community in different projects and making people aware of the importance of volunteerism. She holds a  great passion for volunteerism.

From the age of 8; She started serving the community. Her 11 years of experience in the field of a social sector inspires millions of youths. As a social activist, she is committed towards bringing in social reforms and a change in society through awareness campaigns, social work, and other activities. Her dedication, work and presence in contributing towards society proves that “Age is just a number”.

She has been recognized by multiple organizations for her hard work and passion for humanity. Iqra is always ambitious to explore new avenues of knowledge, explore and experience different things. Additionally, She was also one of the International Speakers for the Glocal International Teen Conference, 2021.

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