What is really fascinating is the way these teens have stepped out to make this world a better place to live in. These teens have, through their works proved that teens are the agent of change as they have been actively working towards sustainability. Their efforts, projects, and network collectively have now been amplified to National & International level and that they are inspiring communities to start practicing on a small scale, which creates a ripple effect and one individual can influence a ton of other fellow teenagers.

From the year of 2015, we aspired to create a platform for teens where they nurture their dreams and get a motivation to follow their passion. We have been recognizing the teenager’s initiation nationally and continuing at the South Asian level. To date, GTH Alumni community has close to 300 members from various parts of the world and is growing constantly.

GTH Featured Alumni –  Featuring Teenagers’s Stories!

We have begun a new initiative where we feature one of our alumni every month; looking over to their current contribution towards society. It started from the month of June. Their story shall be shared through an online medium. The purpose of initiating is to motivate our Alumni and to share their initiation in a larger audience, which will be providing them a pool of opportunities.

TEENSPIRE – Insightful Talk with Teenagers!

It is a 15 min live stream that will introduce the Glocal Teen Hero Alumni and promote their initiation in an interactive way. The live session provides an opportunity to showcase their creativity in a larger audience through effective social media.

It also aims to motivate GTH members and inspire fellow teenagers to create a global change. The session has been named as a “Teenspire” which means an inspirational teenager.  The session will witness the teenager’s contribution to society. Every month there will be an insightful talk that will continue with different episodes. 

Our Glocal Teen Hero members are active contributors to society. They highly aspire to become a change-maker and inspire fellow teenagers. They have proved thatAGE IS JUST A NUMBER’ and are concerned with solving social issues.

Every individual story is unique and inspirational. Therefore; we have started sharing their stories via Facebook and Instagram stories to inspire teenagers to act for a global change. 

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