Teenagers are people who fall in the age range of 13-19; this is a profoundly important developmental stage. During this stage, teenager’s creativity is at its peak and ideas are prevalent. Meanwhile, teenagers need to make sure that their creativity and thinking power are getting used in a good way, so they might get support for good causes and meaningful actions.

Teenagers are becoming more dynamic, as well as competing with each other that is fetching new skills and talent among them. Teenagers have a huge potential to expose and invent many things that could lead our nation to the track of development. Day by day we are here listening and being conscious about the discoveries and inventions that teenagers are doing nowadays and reflecting on their skills.

Teenage, the most enthusiastic stage of a person’s life where the person feels and tries to learn something new at every learning point. Learning something specific besides studies could result from the individual experience of adapting to the environment. This is a phase where teenagers want to do something creative and bring positive changes in themselves. Every teenager has a dream of doing something productive to bring an impact on society and can spread positivity in the nation. Besides, teenagers who are working for the welfare of society have created a chain learning impact itself. 

The Doors of Opportunity for Teenagers!

Teenagers have a huge potential to expose and invent many things that could lead our nation to the track of sustainable development. Teenagers can be change-makers through their amazing works. Here are the amazing opportunities for teenagers that recognize their work nationally.

One of the opportunity platforms that support teenager’s initiation and creativity is Glocal Teen Hero (GTH). It is run exclusively by youth for teenagers who are brimming with potential, who have the ideas which can pass the wind of positivity in the nation. It is a fully-funded national platform for teenagers. It has been initiated by Glocal Pvt. Ltd, a business enterprise working in the field of skill, education, and entrepreneurship. 

Glocal Teen Hero is an award night that is highly recognized for innovative teenagers who have ideas that positively impact society. This program encourages teens to step out of their shells and be creative while taking care of the sustainability of their idea which promotes Sustainable Goals. 

Similarly, along with Glocal Teen Hero, Glocal International Teen Conference (GITC) is an amazing platform; where teenagers gain opportunities to share existing and generate new ideas and experiences. Teenagers can learn about leadership, empowerment, and social impact through interactive panel discussion which will motivate and encourage more of the other teenagers to develop entrepreneurial thinking in today’s environment. GITC also helps teenagers to enlarge their networking and ideas through interaction with diverse personalities across the world. 

All the while, teenagers taking part in the platform of Glocal Teen Hero and Glocal International Teen Conference, have the opportunity to have their ideas get amplified on a nationwide scale which might resonate with others and inspire other fellow teenagers to believe in action. This is a platform for teenagers to showcase your talent. These amazing platforms are slowly inching towards the South Asian Region for recognizing amazing teenagers. Thus, today’s teenagers are tomorrow’s builders, and what potential skills and initiation they carry are recognized here in the platform of Glocal Teen Hero.


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