Mr. Aashish Shah, Top Six finalist, Glocal Teen Hero Nepal 2022, is an 18-year-old science & tech activist from Dhanusha. By making education and technology available to everyone in the community, he hopes to improve as an educator and technologist. He also introduces himself as an “Edu-technologist” because he works in the field of education and uses technology to bring change. 


Mr. Aashish is an advocate for accessible education, especially in the areas of digital literacy and robotics. He is a STEM fanatic and robotics enthusiast. He is a high school graduate working for his own non-profit venture, RoboTeach Nepal, to spread tech knowledge. In partnership with about 60 schools in 28 districts, he has led lessons on digital literacy for more than 5200 students in Nepal’s rural and urban areas. He is the only informal focal person to be contacted for any events related to education and technology in his hometown, as he is the only one adjudicating these topics.

Further, he has been working and honing his skills in other areas of STEM as a STEM enthusiast. He had previously worked as a content creator for Mathematics Initiatives in Nepal. Creating materials for students to help them get ready for various regional, national, and international math competitions. His lessons gave students a quick, digestible understanding of ideas that would otherwise be difficult to grasp. He is also attempting to improve his scientific research skills by participating in various research activities. The Phoenix Launchpad Global Challenge, where he worked on biochemical analysis of industrial hemp (Cannabis sativa) for terraforming Martian surfaces, was also won by him a few weeks ago.

As someone who believes his locality is beautiful but left behind, he has been working to bring more tourists to his hometown to bring in more money for the development. He has been developing a website to promote local beauty nationally and internationally. Additionally, he has a tech enthusiast who uses it to promote his history. He has developed a website, Unraveling History (, where he and his team publish high-quality content on Nepali history. He is passionate about continuing such efforts in the upcoming days.


He works as a content creator at Mathematics Initiatives in Nepal. He helped motivate people scared of math to do wonders in it. Recruited 30+ volunteers, reached 20+ villages, and impacted 500+ lives within my district. His goal is to prepare pupils to thrive in this technologically advanced society.

We, the Team of Glocal Teen Hero wish him the best in his future endeavors.

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