Mr. Risanga is an entrepreneur, an innovator, an artist, an activist, a problem solver, and an influencer. He is interested in social work and cinematography to bring those two together to build a more impactful industry in entertaining as well as serving the community. He is passionate about reducing inequalities and creating more inclusive communities in Sri Lanka. And, also he created the project K-PABLES, a simple but extensive program to increase awareness about disability through practical activities, engagement, and observation.

He is the founder of the Jessy Foundation, an organization that aims to help disabled youth and underprivileged students in Sri Lanka. He also designed a device with team members from different countries to provide access to communication and education for deaf-blind people. The project he works on is tutoring 6th to 7th-grade students to improve their English Language skills in a rural school. And rather than using traditional ways in a normal classroom to teach, he uses experimental activities to improve themselves individually and as a group.

Another project he is working on is to bring awareness about the basics of sustainable living and how to use them in practical life, for example,- paper recycling. Another project he is working on is to increase the quality of life of differently-abled youth in the Batik industry, he is planning to send the Batik products created by them to other countries. He has already worked with a vocational training institute to make this happen

Also, he designed a program to increase awareness about disability in a community where he has brought together about 50+ differently-abled youth. And people from different professions learn through observation, interaction, and empathy. He also build a team from countries representing India, Egypt, Sri Lanka, and Germany, and was the project head where he and the team designed a device for deaf-blind people to access quality education and communication.

His Experience with Glocal Teen Hero,

He is so honored to be recognized as Glocal Teen Hero Sri Lanka 2022. As this award is to encourage the youth of Sri Lanka and to give proper recognition in regard to their passion and dedication to building a better society. Through this, I met people who are working for a better world and that gave me hope for the future!”

We, the Team of Glocal Teen Hero wish him the best in his future endeavors.

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